Monday, June 29, 2020


There was a leading actress in Kollywood whose daughter was always trolled for her plus size. Just 2 days ago, I received a TikTok video with the weight-loss visual image of her daughter and herself. During the nation-wide lockdown in India when everyone was staying indoors and gaining a lot of weight, she had lost a lot of weight. And Oh man! It was an absolutely awesome transformation.

I wanted to congratulate her for her wonderful transformation and share that video with my friends and family who aspire to lose weight in a healthier way.

But before I could forward, My mind commanded, “#MatkarForward”,  I recollected What Virat Kohil shared as a part #MatKarForward initiative and his views in sharing of misinformation.

I wanted to ensure that the video was real. Because once shared it goes viral and gets shared by several million others. 

Hence, I searched her profile on TikTok and I was lucky enough to find her. The account had her portrait in the profile, and it had almost 88.1 K followers with 2.5 million likes. But that does not mean it was owned by her. Hence, I dug her account more and observed there was a blue tick badge right alongside her username. It’s a verified account. Now, I scrolled down her profile and the videos uploaded on the account are mostly about yoga and coronavirus awareness.

Then I saw her tweet about her weight loss. She had tweeted that many asked for her the reason behind her weight loss and she shared her weight loss journey stating that she was single-handedly doing all work at home like sweeping and mopping. Above all, she was doing yoga dedicatedly. There were few troll comments from her haters, and she had even taken time to reply to all of them sarcastically.

When I realized that the news was true, then I decided to forward it to the people along with her yoga video link that was available on Tiktok.

Earlier, the only source of information was the media and the people were properly trained in sharing the news. But these days, any person with a mobile phone and a channel can create any news and keep spreading as and what they feel.

Hence,  do not always trust the message you received even if they are from your close and trustable friends. Before you forward, do verify the source. Sometimes, even a fake photo is added to a post/news and we must be #atmanirbhar (self-dependent) by verifying and triple-checking any information that comes our way.

My only suggestion would be “Think thrice before sharing it. We should always authenticate the credibility of any news”  

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