Tuesday, April 23, 2019

#ShareTheLoad | A day to Remember

My new job constantly keeps me busy for all of 18 hours a day and my crazy travel schedule keeps me away from my home often. It's nearly six months since I have seen my mother and nothing could give me more happiness than to spend a quality day with my mom.
“I think I should call my mom.” My heart commanded.
I dialed up Mom's number and within no time she picked up the call.
"Mom, I am coming home this Sunday".
"Really" Mom's voice suddenly turned gleeful.

My mom did absolutely everything for me and several times I have taken her for granted. This Sunday I decided to spend a lot more time with her. I am sure taking her out to the movie theater or to any shopping mall will not give her happiness. My mother’s happiness depended on only one, being with me. So, this time I decided that one of the best way to show my mom that I love her so much is by spending time with her.

After a terrific week, I am desperately waiting for this Sunday and I am sure that’s the only day I could get some rest.  When everyone around me are planning to get a good sleep and watch IPL, I decided whatsoever reason it might be, I am going to be with my mother.

Finally, the long-awaited Sunday came, and my mother was busy in washing the clothes.
“Dear, where is your laundry stuffs”? My Mom asked.
Let me help you in laundry today. I stepped in carrying her clothes as well as my dirty clothes and put them in the washing machines.
“All done.” I smiled, patting my shoulder.
“That’s not how you wash my son” she almost screams.
“What. Should I watch any YouTube videos for this simple task?” I shrug.
My mother smiled and instructed, “Step 1, Turn on the machine and choose the options”
“Options” I asked softly
 “Yes, whether its Fuzzy, Blanket, or a quick wash”
‘Really?’ I ask.
“Yes, few clothes are extremely soft. Hmm.. See your favorite white T-shirt. If you wash it in normal mode, its softness will get ruined.” She pointed at my white t-shirt that said in big, Black, bold letters, ‘I LOVE ME’
“Oh.. Seriously?” I ask, still not believing her.
“Step 3, put soap in the right place and separate clothes by mild and dark-colored cloths. Pour the liquid, close the lid and press start” She smiled.
I took over the task from her and continued as she instructed. As in when the machine kicked off, we started to speak and I shared about the funny office stories, embarrassing moments and she spoke about astrology, TV serials updates.
Me while soaking the clothes

All set to wash

“I will never forget this day my son” she says with tears in her eyes. I hold her hand and gave a hug.  It seems like she had waited for this day since long.
I begin to think to myself, “The time we spend with our parents means a lot to them. Mom’s especially love it when their son is with her. I seriously look forward to this special time I had with my Mother and I find tears in my eyes too." 
Picture with my Mother after the Laundry

'To all the Son out there, we get a break on Sunday, but our mother never gets a holiday. So lets show our love by giving her a break!'

I am going to participate in #ShareTheLoad movement and for the next four Sundays. Ariel will come up with one new task every Sunday and I am going to do it gracefully and increase the bonding between my mom.

I pledge to #ShareTheLoad in household chores in association with Ariel and BlogAdda

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