Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thirunaal - a movie influencing kids in a wrong way

Thirunaal - A movie influencing kids in a wrong way

Yesterday I got a chance to watch “Thirunaal” movie and I could not digest few scenes that was shown in the movie. One such scene...
Nayan plays a kinder garden teacher. In order to show she is a sweet teacher, she motivates kids to get inside the class room by giving chocolates to them as reward. To portray she is ALSO a cute teacher, she asks kiss in cheeks from all the kids. One child gives a kiss on Nayan lips. What does this lip lock from a child implies? Child is innocent? Or Child is attracted towards Nayan at such an innocent age? Or a child over-doing things is considered cute? Or it’s a modern generation? Or it’s an entertainment? 

I seriously could not digest a scene that conveys child talking something rubbish or with double meaning or over-doing things are a part of comedy or innocent. The director in an interview said “The scene was just a reflection of kid's innocence and it was meant for fun”. If those scenes are meant to be innocent, I am sorry. We are spoiling the innocence of childhood. Any child be it a boy or girl, should be taught with bad touch and wrong touch. But its shame on the director that he is projecting childhood that makes us uncomfortable.

Imagine after seeing this scene, if we ask a child to kiss there are high chances that the child would plant a kiss on lips thinking its cuteness or that's how it has to be. Children tend to learn from movies and take it as an inspiration. But movies are influencing the children in a wrong way. Don’t know when Tamil cinema will stop projecting Kids doing over scenes, Heroines as Loosu-ponnu and Heroes smoking and drinking are noble (Idhu la cool background music vera)

If a scene is taken to convey modernization or western culture, let’s understand one thing. Modernization is not giving freedom of playing video games for hours or sending them to all drama, key board, and hand-writing class or over doing things at very young age.

There is another scene in Thirunaal, where hero does an iniquitous act when he was a rowdy. Even in later scene, he does not feel guilt about those actions. Any real men will not do such activity. No wonder, as expected Nayan falls in love with him.

Of course, movies are for entertainment and it’s up to a person to learn good OR bad things form a movie. One can easily say, learn the good things from movie and destroy the bad things. But, my concern is kids are not matured enough to understand which is right and wrong. They learn from movies be it a social value or nefarious.

There are many good movies like Appa which conveys a good message about how a child should be raised by parents. Unfortunately, there are shit movies like this too.