Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Thirunaal - a movie influencing kids in a wrong way

Thirunaal - A movie influencing kids in a wrong way

Yesterday I got a chance to watch “Thirunaal” movie and I could not digest few scenes that was shown in the movie. One such scene...
Nayan plays a kinder garden teacher. In order to show she is a sweet teacher, she motivates kids to get inside the class room by giving chocolates to them as reward. To portray she is ALSO a cute teacher, she asks kiss in cheeks from all the kids. One child gives a kiss on Nayan lips. What does this lip lock from a child implies? Child is innocent? Or Child is attracted towards Nayan at such an innocent age? Or a child over-doing things is considered cute? Or it’s a modern generation? Or it’s an entertainment? 

I seriously could not digest a scene that conveys child talking something rubbish or with double meaning or over-doing things are a part of comedy or innocent. The director in an interview said “The scene was just a reflection of kid's innocence and it was meant for fun”. If those scenes are meant to be innocent, I am sorry. We are spoiling the innocence of childhood. Any child be it a boy or girl, should be taught with bad touch and wrong touch. But its shame on the director that he is projecting childhood that makes us uncomfortable.

Imagine after seeing this scene, if we ask a child to kiss there are high chances that the child would plant a kiss on lips thinking its cuteness or that's how it has to be. Children tend to learn from movies and take it as an inspiration. But movies are influencing the children in a wrong way. Don’t know when Tamil cinema will stop projecting Kids doing over scenes, Heroines as Loosu-ponnu and Heroes smoking and drinking are noble (Idhu la cool background music vera)

If a scene is taken to convey modernization or western culture, let’s understand one thing. Modernization is not giving freedom of playing video games for hours or sending them to all drama, key board, and hand-writing class or over doing things at very young age.

There is another scene in Thirunaal, where hero does an iniquitous act when he was a rowdy. Even in later scene, he does not feel guilt about those actions. Any real men will not do such activity. No wonder, as expected Nayan falls in love with him.

Of course, movies are for entertainment and it’s up to a person to learn good OR bad things form a movie. One can easily say, learn the good things from movie and destroy the bad things. But, my concern is kids are not matured enough to understand which is right and wrong. They learn from movies be it a social value or nefarious.

There are many good movies like Appa which conveys a good message about how a child should be raised by parents. Unfortunately, there are shit movies like this too.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Elderly parents? Read on

A Letter to all my friends and Readers

What is the major change in life? Job change? Getting married? or Financial windfall? 

Above all, there is one major change in life, in which we have no experience or never realize. But that's the most important change which needs to be dealt with cautious care. Because it’s highly sensitive. 

Can you guess what’s that?

All of your life there were two persons who was always there to support you financially as well as emotionally. All of a sudden one day you realize that the world has turned upside down. Your elderly parent starts depending on you. Below are few things to remember, when that major change happens

Apologize when you are rude with them:
That, that repetition, senseless questions, ability to hear, their innocent activities drive us crazy one or the other time.  We never tend to hurt them intentionally, but sometimes (or most of the times?) we get annoyed and outburst our frustration with them.

Few years before, I offered a glass with tea to my grandma. She raised her hands toward me to accept the tea glass. With trembling hands, she picked it up but dropped the tea glass immediately. The hot droplets of tea splashed onto my eyes and I howled out in pain. My dad rushed to the spot and looked at his mother (my grandma) as well his daughter (me). He went near my grandma and comforted her saying, "Mom, Just a tea right. Leave it. We can easily clean and can make another cup of tea. Leave it". 
Its then I released how my grandma was feeling helpless, guilty and extremely bad for dropping the glass and tea on to my eyes. This incident disturbed my mind a lot. Are we (this young generation) so calm enough like our parents? I know, her act was not intentional. But incident like this tend to raise our anger and we just show it to elderly people. 

My grandma hands were thin and she could not tolerate the heat. It’s my mistake for not taking extra care while offering the tea. Incidents like this often happen with our elderly parents and we tend to lose our patients. 

Friends my sincere request, don’t ever show your rudeness or emotional outburst with them. If you do so, they will feel insecure and guilt. 
I agree, they repeat the same things again and we get frustrated. 
They embarrass us in front of others and it tests our patients.  
But please don’t lose your temper with them. By any chance if you could not control your anger and shouted at them, apologize. 
Say positive words. Tell them, “I am sorry. I was in bad mood and will never repeat"
When you keep apologizing for your activity, you tend to be little more cautious from next time

Spend some quality time with them:
I am not asking you to take them for movies or some international trips or fulfil your parents long temples wish-list. Just leave your mobile phones at your home and take them for a walk. Listen to them that's more than enough. Read more at Little things to do to our parents.

Let them enjoy their Independence:
While crossing the road, in order to protect my dad, I hold his hands. He instantly push my hands and say not to hold. 
Yes, our parent doesn’t like to be treated as someone who needs help. They wanted their independence first. Learn to help or protect them without letting them know. 
In my previous case I say, dad I need protection and act as if I need help while crossing the road and protect him. In this way, they feel proud that still they are able to support their child too.  

One last thing, I came across this touching message today

An old man took his phone to a repair shop, He was told nothing was wrong with his phone, He asked then why don't my kids ever call me. 

Never make parents long for their own children love. If they do so, that's the biggest failure in our life. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016


On March 21st, 2016, Santosh, Co-Founder of Bangalore Hikers received an email from Vellore Institute of Technology, where Bangalore Hikers was invited as a chief guest to inaugurate their VIT trekking club 5th anniversary. The Board members of VIT requested a member form Bangalore Hikers to give a guest lecture on Empowerment of Women in Trekking. Perfect theme, I would say.

VIT Events

Since the guest lecture is about Empowerment Women in Trekking, Santosh felt I should drive this. I spoke with one of their board members and understood their expectations for the talk. The students want us to share our passion for trekking through inspirational talks and presentations. They requested us to focus on women empowerment, since they felt the number of women in their club was eventually less when compared to men. So, my lecture was mainly focused on encouraging women towards trekking and made them understand that trekking is not a male ruled passion.
VIT Trekking Club 5th Anniversary Agenda
Though trekking undoubtedly needs a lot of stamina, throughout my speech I carried a message that trekking needs more of will power than stamina by sharing my real experience from the past trekking events. I explained the problem women face during trekking and how to overcome them. I displayed the beautiful pictures clicked during Dudhasagar trip and all the students got impressed with the Serene beauty and got glued to the screen. At the end, they requested us to arrange a trip to Dudhsagar for them. They have also organized many events like Triathlon, Treasure hunt as a part of 5th anniversary and requested me to distribute the prize for the winners.

During the Session

The students requested me to do a workshop on camping and their highly positive spirit did not let me down from sharing all the experience. After the lecture and workshop, I met few of the students and explained them that women are no less as trekkers. One of the Adventure Freak reminisce the formation of VIT Trekking Club and how a group of adventure freaks started this club on 9th July, 2010. It was great to meet the students of VIT University who was very passionate about trekking.

camping training
Discussion on camping 

Camping Workshop
I had a request from students to stay with them for a night camping and share the experience of Night Treks, horror stories and memorable trekking experience. I stayed with the students that night and taught them the basis of camping and tents.

All the facilities such as stay, food and travel was arranged by VIT. No doubt, this event is a feather in cap for Bangalore hikers.

Written by: Deepika Muthusamy

Event date: 23rd April, 2016

Lecture by: Deepika Muthusamy

Place: Vellore Institute of Technology, Vellore, Tamil Nadu

This article was originally written for Bangalore Hikers and can be found here

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pearson Professional Center Bangalore review

Pearson Professional Center or Chopras

There are two PTE Academic test Centers in In Bangalore - Chopras and Pearson Professional Center. Before choosing the test center, I had a lot of things running in mind.
  1. Is the test center calm or noisy environment?
  2. Is the test center in reachable area?
  3. Will the staffs be polite?
  4. Are they trust worthy?
  5. Do they publish the results on time?  
  6. Are they punctual and did they start the exam on time?
When I wanted to pick the exam Center, there were no answers for these questions. Hence I decided to write whether Chopra's or Pearson's professional center is best for PTE exam.

Here is the detailed review about Pearson Professional Center

Is the test center calm?
Yes. It’s located on the third floor hence there is no much traffic or horn sounds. The center is absolutely less crowded.  Only people who are enrolled for the exams are let inside the center. The computer, head sets and microphones were in good condition.

Coming to the noise during the exam, it really depends on your luck. It depends on the people you get in the batch. The guy sitting next to me was shouting the answers to the core and even after repeated warning or request, he did not reduce his voice. When complained to the Pearson staffs, they said this exam test your concentration and you have to concentrate irrespective of your external disturbance. But I must say, I am lucky because the rest of the people were speaking in right level of volume.

Since reading is the first part of the exam, high noise will really disturb and annoy. Imagine 10 people reading aloud in a 10*10 room? Irritating right? This will be same across all the centers, so mentally prepare for the loud noise and external factors like this.

Apart from people shouting, yes absolutely no traffic noise while taking test.

About Pearson Professional Center

There is only one washroom in the center. So, while taking that optional 10 minute break you might end up in queue(in case if you wanna use washroom). But this is not a major issue, since the time taken to complete PART 1 and PART 2 differs from person to person and more than 3 persons won’t be taking the break at the same time.

The place is neat and pleasant.

Is the test center in reachable area?

It’s next to Manipal Centre, hence most of the auto and cab drivers know the route. From Manipal Centre it's just 50 m walk.

Are the staffs polite?

Only 2 people were in the Center and they were friendly and helping in the formalities.

Did they start the exam on time?

Yes, they started the exam on sharp. However, the time starts when we start the exam is only counted.

How about

Tough the results declaration does not depend on institute, I clearly want to stress that please don't go with the fancy lines which says Results within 24 hours and so. Those are all absolutely gimmick. They have a statement which says, PTE Academic scores are usually available within five business days. Sometimes scores are returned more quickly and, in a small number of cases, they may take longer to be returned.

Its not in small number of cases, most of the cases, the result will take longer than expected. They will take more than 20 days to publish your result. So, please be prepared for it.

When you contact customer service, you get absolutely useless answers for the same. So, if you are taking PTE, you may get result even after a month. This is the true fact. Contact any people who took PTE, you will hear thousands of painful stories they faced in getting the results.

Since Chopras is an education consultancy and offers visa process guidelines, provides English language training like TOEFL, IELTS and PTE, I heard people coming in and going for inquiry or for training. Hence it is always crowded.

Personally, I felt good in taking the exam at Pearson Professional Center.

If you would like to know more information about the Pearson Professional Test Center drop a comment, I will reply at the earliest.

If you are still confused in finalizing the test center, visit both the test Centers a couple of days before you enroll for the exam and decide so. This also helps you to calculate the travel time and not getting lost on the test day.

All the best guys

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Finally, I found my car - Its Datsun redi-GO...

"I can’t move an inch further," My friend said as we came out of the entrance of a car show room.
"Hey please, just one more show room". I pleaded.
“Madam, What kind of car are you expecting? From morning we must have visited at least 8 car showrooms and you are not satisfied with any of the models. For your budget and your expectations, a new car model has to be launched.” She said sneered.
“Hey, buying a car needs lot of research. I am looking for something that is with unique design and also which gives decent mileage. Yes above all within my budget”
"I don’t think so you will finalize a car” my friend taunted.

As we were riding towards Hosur Road, I suddenly put a halt on seeing the SURYA NISSAN showroom. I parked my two-wheeler in front of the show room and we entered the showroom. One of the sales representative welcomed us. We had a glance at all the car that were displayed in the showroom. Then my eyes caught the brochure that was displayed in a stand.

It was a brochure of the Datsun redi-GO car that was going to be launched soon. I called the representative and asked him to give more information about the new car.

"Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback," replied the sales representative.

First thing that impressed was its new design. I was looking for a compact one, and this hatch back was an added advantage. The representative replied, first time a hatch back car with a SUV performance. Being a women I always felt its tough to drive a SUV because of its size and I always felt I cannot enjoy riding the SUV and its performance. But does that mean we should not enjoy its performance?  When the sales guy said, it give a SUV performance, I felt awesome. And the best part it was within the budget, It was expected to be around 3 lakhs.

As far as I know, If the car is priced at 3 lac, mileage might be below 20 and there won’t be air bags, When asked about the mileage of the car they said it gives around 25 kmpl also Datsun comes with an airbag and hence the car is absolutely safe. You can drive with absolute confidence.

Coming to interior part, there is lot of storage to keep a person belongings. The door has a pocket and water bottles can be placed over there. Apart from this, there is a side storage. The interior are as spacious and stylish. When I saw the image of Accelerator, the representative understood the question that ran in my mind. He immediately pitched in and said this car comes with Electronic accelerator pedal. When my friend asked about the difference or the use of electronic pedal, he explained that it helps in smaller emission which will in turn cut the cost of maintenance.

Above all it comes in 5 different colors with white, grey, Sky, sliver, Ruby. The sky variant was different and unique when compared to all the models in the market now, hence I decided to opt for SKY color.

Datsun Redi-Go Interior
As soon as I came out of the showroom, I started dreaming about the car. My friend was extremely relaxed as I finalized a car. Without second thought, I suggested my idea of going on a long drive in the new car. While returning home, we fixed to travel to Hampi. It was my dream place and travelling and exploring its historical momentum with dream car would be the biggest gift.

Here is the video about the new car

Picture Courtesy -  Datsun Redi-Go

Friday, May 20, 2016

Hello Malaysia

Hello Malaysia

International trips are no longer a dream. With travel websites like Yatra, it’s easy to plan a stay and travel at discounted prices. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand were the top three in my bucket list and I decided to tick one of them this year.

One of the advantage in having your sister or brother working in abroad is that one can easily plan an international trip with decent cost. A vacation without a holiday trip is never treated as a vacation. It’s the best thing that one can gift themselves. Since my sister was staying in Malaysia, we thought Malaysia was the perfect vacation spot.

When I called my sister and informed my plans, she roared with joy and immediately suggested to check the Flight Schedule through Yatra. We booked as per her request and started counting the days for our trip day. Since my sister was staying in Malaysia, we planned to spend one month in Malaysia. She was staying in Kuala Perlis and our first plan was to visit Kuala Lumpur, since it was the most popular city in Malaysia. Hence, we booked our first International Flights tickets to Kuala Lumpur from Trichy.

Since it was the first international trip, few of my relatives came to give send off. We boarded the flight and after 3 hours landed in Malaysia. On the way to our hotel, the first thing we saw was neat roads and beautiful architecture. We did not miss to see the Petronas Twin Towers. Its charming height and architecture, tempted to visit immediately. Since we have to fresh up, we decided to visit during night-time. Also, my uncle suggested only during the night-time, the charming add due to the music and lightnings.

The next day morning, the plan was to visit China town first and then Batu caves. Batu Caves holds a special place in my heart, since I have seen this Muragan statue in most of the movies. It had 272 steps and my nephew who is just 3 years old could not climb. His tiny legs started to ache; hence I took him in my arms and climbed 272 steps at a stretch. If I think of it now, it seems like a miracle. Might be because of Marathon practices, I got more stamina. Evening we visited Aquaria KLCC. After spending 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, we took another flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis.

There was not much places to visit in Kuala Perlis. One Monday morning, we were bored and decided to visit Ladang Nipah Kipli which was near to my sister home. But it was closed since it was a Monday. Then we returned home after some chit-chat. Since there are not much places to visit in Kuala Perlis, we planned for Penang and Langkawi.

The first week we went Penang Island and the following week we visited Langkawi.
We went to Karumariamman and Dharmikarama Burmese Temple in Penang. There was a belief in this temple. You need to choose a number and the number would tell some fortune. Personally, I felt a positive vibration while entering this Buddha temple. I must say, I was attracted to Buddhism. Then we spend our day in Penang Botanic Gardens and Penang Butterfly Farm.  I loved this place as there was lots of butterfly flying around me. One need at least of four days to spend in Penang as there are lots of places like Toy Museum, Penang State Museum & Art Gallery and Penang Khoo Khongsi. The Penang Bridge was one of the best place to ride during the evening time and observe the beautiful penang island.

Our last visit was to Langkawi. There are not much places to cover in Langkawi. But, one should not miss Langkawi Cable car, Eagle Square and underwater world. We took a photo in front of the Eagle square and headed back to Kuala Lumpur to catch our return flight. This trip was very much memorable, since it was our first international trip.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Horlicks #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet

Jill Castle
Last week I received an email from Indi Blogger team about the Horlicks #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet. It was on Sunday evening at Vivanta By Taj, M.G Road. Even though it was on a Sunday evening, I was kind enough to cancel all my plans, I had on that day and decided to make it for the event. Because, I am Indian By Birth, Blogger by Choice and love IndiBlogger’s meet.

This was the first Indiblogger meet that I was on time. Yes, I reached the venue sharp by 4:00 PM. Within few minutes, the registrations was started and we were inside the hall. This time, I was lucky enough to mingle with few new faces and was excited to meet the people whom I follow regularly on blog.
All the mothers should have felt proud on attending this #Immunity4Growth IndiBlogger Meet organized by Indiblogger. Because all the speakers, started their presentation by honouring the mother

Anoop introduced, Dr. Jill castle, a childhood nutrition expert and she walk through on the necessity of nutrition’s and its role on children. She did a fair amount of research and explained in detail with the statistics of children’s suffering from malnutrition. She was kind enough to open up and say that she was embarrassed to see the foreign foods like Pizza (which is more of sugar and fat and less calorie) occupying in India and causing the obesity in child.

After her presentation we had Q&A session on malnutrition. Finally, the group was divided into team of 14 and we had a quiz. I loved the freebie quiz that was Horlicks makes kids taller, stronger and ___________ :)

The wining team has a chance to click a group picture with Jill Castle. Every mother loves to keep their child health and this bloggers meet must have really spread awareness about malnutrition

Few of my take away from Indiblogger Meet:

  • Don’t boil the milk twice. If you do so, all the nutrition’s will be lost.
  • Egg and Milk are the 2 things which have all the nutritious items in it. Make sure to include those both in your daily diet
  • Have lot of fruits and vegetables. Even though lot of artificial agents like fertilizer and pesticides are mixed, it’s worth consuming them for nutrition.  

Finally, after the delicious yummy dinner I hit my home :) 

Thank you Indiblogger and Horlicks for such a wonderful and another memorable event. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Betrayal in Relationship

Betrayal in Relationship 

"I was engaged to a man and we had period of 8 months before the wedding. Seven months passed ecstatically by exchanging lot of love, care, future dreams and plans. He made lot of promise regarding the marriage and kept iterating every now and then that I was his better half. One fine morning, he called only to inform that he needs to end the relationship. 
Even the last night, he was talking to me with lots of love and I had no premonition that our relationship is going to end the next morning. All of sudden, 7 months of hope and love came to an end for no reason" Her cheeks spilled over with tears. She hugged me tight and sobbed, her shoulders shaking until her eyes drained of tears.

I always go blank when I see my friends in such distress. I had no words to convince her. All I did was hug her back and say things will get alright.

When the dreams of leading a colorful life with a person you loved gets shattered in a moment, the emotional trauma is unbearable. All the promise they made collapse like popping of a balloon. You feel shell-shocked and cried out loud, without even knowing the reason for break-up. You reminisce and realize that you had given 100% effort in the relationship and the only mistake you did was loving them truly from the bottom of the heart.

In my friends case, we realized that he left her for another woman whom he found recently.

Betrayal in relationship!!!

My friend started to punish herself for trusting him so much and stared to blame herself. She started disconnecting from the world. This post is for the people who are in my friends situation.

To all those Prince and Princess out there, 
Remember, one ultimate rule of relationship. If a person loves you truly, he/she will never let you go or slip out of their hands, irrespective of the situation.
So, if a person decides to leave you in the middle, remember that this is best thing happened in your life. If a relationship comes to an end due to betrayal or broken promise, you have only one choice left.


People betray and its sad truth that the victim have to deal with chronic pain. Family might be there to give emotional support. But you tend to make them relax by saying, "I’m fine" and act as a strong person. Friends might be there to help you out, but its you who have to deal with this situation and come out.

How to Cope up with Betrayal:
  • Don’t spend time/energy on meaningless relationship. If a relationship has ended due to betrayal, don’t invest your productive time in convincing or unnecessary conversations. 
  • If a person is living happily after betraying you, why should you suffer just because you loved truly? I know it hurts. But it hurts to heal you. Down the line, you will feel happy that they are gone from your life.Don't think about Revenge or hurting them back. They don't even deserve your revenge. And, If you love(loved) them truly, you don’t even think of wounding the person. 
  • They have not realized your worth. But, I think you know your worth. So go out and pamper yourself.  Thank them for making you realize that there is a beautiful life outside them.
  • During the beginning stage, it’s a normal to feel void and empty, but remember universe or guardian angel has made your life empty to fill it with all the beautiful love in the future. 
  • Don’t get into relationship another new immediately. During this healing process, a person feels so fragile. So, until you feel strong and love yourself more, don’t ever get into another relationship. 
  • Get into the things that attract you more. To find out, what attracts you more, take a pen, paper and sit at quite place. Spend some 15 minutes and write down all the things you love doing. Whether it is small or big, don’t hesitate to put in words. When you are done or exhausted, chose top 3 things from the list. Start doing it for 66 days. Make that as an identity based habit. After few days, you will see lot of positive vibes flowing every day.
If you look back the history, betrayal has made a person only stronger. I am sure, after few months, you will be surprised to see a new version of you.

Final Note, What if the person who betrayed comes back for forgiveness? Again, you have only one choice left.
Because, it’s not worth another shot!

Don't settle for a playmate, when God has a soulmate waiting for you - unknown 

P.S Soul mate is not life. It’s just a part of life. Just be patience for few days. Soon you will find one and that day, you will thank the person who has betrayed you. 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Birthday to remember

I realized someone hitting my head with pillow. Though the pillow was soft, the hit was hard. I tried my best not to open my eyes completely with an intention of not losing the sleep. But a guttural female voice made me to wake-up. I saw a cute figure standing next to the bed. She was neatly dressed in a red chiffon saree. It was none, other than my lovable wife Priyanka. Her face was red, might be the reflection of saree.

I reached to her hand, pulled her towards the bed and wrapped her in the bed sheet. She reacted instantly and got out of the bed.
"Her face is red in anger; Not due to reflection," I confirmed.
With anger, she offered her mobile phone and requested me to take her a snap. She does that everyone, while wearing a new Saree.
“Hey Sweetie, Looking damn hot in new Saree. But, what special today? Hmm,.. Ethnic day at your office?" I asked clicking her picture. Before I could open the gallery to check the captured picture, the mobile flashed a name "Preethi”

Preethi - My Wife’s  bestie from childhood. I was about to attend the call, but my wife snatched the mobile and started talking to her. Over hearing female conversation is fun at times; hence I engrossed my ears on their chat.
“He hasn’t even wished. As usual he forgot my birthday" my wife was complaining to Preethi
 Then it struck my mind, today was her birthday. As always, I missed to wish on her on right time. People say the best way to remember your wife birthday is forget it once. But it has been 5 years now; I never forget to forget her birthday. I can remember the day India won Cricket World Cup and all those complicated dates. But my wife's birthday I never remember.

"Can you take off from your work and be with me today?" she pleaded in a soft voice. I could sense from her eyes that she was expecting a yes answer.
“I have an important conference to attend, can’t avoid it." "You could have informed me a week before right.” I said in a sterner tone
She did not flailed out in anger but left the house in silence. I dropped a message apologizing and promising that I would be back to home early and surprise her with loads of gifts.
But the day we plan to leave early from office is the day we get bombarded with works. By the time, I completed the work and checked my mobile I had 15 missed calls and lots of what’s app notification. Priyanka has requested for a dinner, which I failed to make it again. Because, it was 10 PM. I called her to check, whether I can get a parcel but she was done with her dinner already.

Finally, I decided to celebrate her birthday with a cake cutting, but all the shops were shut by sharp 10. I roamed another 1 hour to find a bakery shop. It was just a small shop and there were no candles or the plastic knife available. Whatever it was, I just took the cake and left. By the time, I reached home, she had slept.

It was 11.55.
I lighted the cake with a big candle that I had as a backup at my home in case of power cuts. I woke her up and blushed as If I was giving her a big surprise. I gave her the real knife insisting, “No fake things in between us”
She must be now used to all my worst behaviors. She snatched the knife and tried to cut the cake. The cake was so hard that even with a real knife, we could not slice the cake. Understanding the rigidity of the cake, she went inside to get a bigger knife. After repeated attempts, the cake was still in its shape, but the knife got broke. The disappointment roared in her eyes and it was 11.59. Still I have not wished happy birthday or surprised her. Leave about surprise, I kept disappointing her from morning. She was about to leave the place and without a second thought, I pulled her closed, kissed on her forehead and said “I love you birthday baby”.
The clock stuck 12:00 and tears flooded her eyes. I opened my mouth to apologize, but she clogged my mouth with hers.

Who said expensive gifts, or surprise only would make a person happy? Sometime, a tight hug and a Love you said from the heart are more powerful.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

lobby behind the scenes

What does the Phrase "Don’t think I did not lobby behind the scenes for you"


It means, Don’t think I did not support you and speak on your behalf for you

Friday, February 12, 2016

Is Relationship Really Complicated?

Valentine day is quite close and it’s a usual tendency for People who are single tend to come across the happiest couple and couples find single to be the happiest. My friends who are in relationship often say relationship is tiring, painful, bullshit.

"It’s a wonderful feel. But only during the early stage, later marriage is a hell" says one of my friend who is married. So, is relationship that intricate as everyone say? If marriage yields pain, then why to proceed?

Well, Relationship is not that complicated as everyone says. We humans make it complicated. The truth is with little effort it can be a blissful journey.
Here are few things one should understand before getting into a relationship.
  • Relationship is not always a bed of roses:
You are going to spend the rest of your life with them. He/she will have a downtime or a stressed day and might return home with a package of anger, frustration and may un-bundle it against you. Respect their mood swings. Expecting a perfect love similar to the one projected in silver screens, is like expecting a life in the fantasy. One cannot expect a life without disagreements and conflicts. Any relationship will undergo hard days. Try to sort it out as it when comes. We are human beings and tend to do horrible mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. Learn the art of ignoring and forgiving. If he forgets your birthday or anniversary, don’t get enraged. After all, we are human beings and once in a while there are chances of forgetting the special days.

At the end, a successful relationship strives not when you don’t fight or commit a mistake. But how far we look positive and tend to carry only the beautiful memories. It’s in our hands to collect a bunch of sweet memories in a beautiful bouquet called life.
  • Indeed, there is a magical formula:
What if there is a relationship formula, which implicitly provides a fact for the success of relationship. All couple will have a flourishing relationship right? But there is one simple, yet magical formula.
Give = Receive double
Stop complaining that they are not expressing the love you expect and not taking care of you. Shower them with love. You will receive it in double.

Treat his mother with respect! in turn he will treat your parents like a god!!!
Compromise one of your favorite serials for his cricket match! he will surprise you with lot of compromises that you could not even imagine.!!!
Spend one hour of uninterrupted dedicated time with her, She will give you more privacy than you expect.!!!
Compliment her for the delicious food. (Even if it is not)! Appreciate her for multitasking at home and office!! It’s her great source of motivation and she will do with more love and passion.!!!
  • Accept that occasional change in behavior:
Sometimes a person expects private space. They may not express love as they did earlier or might hurt you on a particular day and will not bother about it. Ignore!!! That one particular day is not going to change everything or it’s not the end of world. After all, no one can find a person on earth you will keep you happy all the time.
Gone are the era where spying the text message, tracking their social media friends and knowing their whereabouts were considered as possessive or love. These days people expect privacy. One can’t really stop a person by scrutinizing. This makes only the relationship more complicated and pain.
Some people believe, "little lie is harmless and needed to avoid a conflict situation. But on a longer run, little lie or avoiding the truth is just a temporary put-off for fights. It’s like a mirage. For monogamy, be loyal and show sincere honest love to the partner.

Above all, don’t forget to express your love often. When you express it, mean it.
Happy Valentine's day!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2016

கவிதை by சிவக்குமார் சூலூர்

A Guest Post by சிவக்குமார் சூலூர்

குழந்தை கவிதை:

பூக்கள் அழகென்று கவிதை எழுதினேன் ; இன்று அப்பூக்களே தோற்றது நீ பூத்த புன்னகையால்


நீ உறங்கும் அழகினிலே நான் உறங்க மறந்தேன்


கலப்படமில்லா உன் சிரிப்பினிலே நான் கரைந்து போனேன்


உன்னை பற்றி கவிதை எழுத நானும் குழந்தையாகிறேன்


தொட்டிலில் உறங்கும் எனது கவிதை நீ


வீட்டினுள் வானவில் உன் சிரப்பினிலே


தலைகுனிந்தேன் உன்னை முத்தமிட தலைநிமிர்ந்தேன் உன் தந்தையாக


கவிதை எழுத மனமில்லை கவிதையாய் நீ இருக்க.


Tuesday, January 12, 2016


How to turn good mornings in to gold mornings

There is nothing as good as a fresh start. Early morning plays a vital role for the rest of the day. The day started with laziness and tiredness would definitely reflect in the rest of the day and will definitely make the day a dull day. Whereas morning which are usually started with fresh mood reflects a positive vibration throughout the day.

Just one week before, I had an interview scheduled and with fear in mind, I slept the previous night. The next day, i.e. the day I had interview, I woke up with fear and the day was spoiled completely. I had to miss my bus, catch an auto and messed up the interview.

No one wish or greet you saying, “Have a Bad Morning.” Did someone?
Everybody greet you with a smile followed by "Have a good day"

Today morning, the bright sun peeped through the window and made my room a little orange color with the reflection of the sun rays. Bright colors or the Gold colors make a person’s mood better and I felt rejuvenated. With a smile in a face, I sent a message to all my friends stating, "Have a Gold morning"
Everybody replied back saying Gold!? That’s wonderful Thank you and so on.
Making the morning a good one is more important and above all making a gold morning is even important. Well, what’s the difference between good and gold? Chocolate is good, Jogging is good, but GOLD!? its special. :) Gold is something more than good and after all who does not like the day to shine like gold.

Here are the 2 tips to change the good morning to gold morning.

  1. Start your day with #Colgate360GoldMornings. Brush your teeth with Colgate 360 Charcoal gold Toothbrush and with Colgate tooth paste. It is actively designed in such a way that it cleans not only the teeth and tongue, but it also washes the germs, bacterial from the gums and cheeks. I personally felt the freshness after brushing with Colgate 360 Charcoal gold Toothbrush. 
  2. Wish you friends "Gold Morning. Have a gold day" Instead of "Good Morning. Have a good day" Trust me, its makes wonders not only in your life, but also in your friends life. That replacement of one letter “O” to “L” makes lots of magic.