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Book Review - The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian

Seems like it’s a book review week for me. I have completed 3 novels this week. :)

The Bestseller She Wrote by Ravi Subramanian. The author who is known for his thriller novel tries out a completely different genre - romance genre. 
Its usual tendency to get settled with a specific genre when an author has given a massive hits in that genre. Ravi Subramanian is good at writing thriller stories based on banking domain. His novels are known for the way he deals suspense and bring the banking industry inside the novel. Not even a moment, a reader would feel bored or confused with the way he describes about the banking industry. That’s the plus of him. All of his earlier novels made sure the readers do not keep the book down.

This time, he tries out a complete different genre. "Love and Romance" Did he succeed in the journey? Did he really grip the reader and fulfill the expectation of his readers?

"The Bestseller She Wrote - “Love, Betrayal and Redemption” If this novel was written by some new author whom I never come across, I am damn sure that I would have not chosen this book for reading. Because the title is not that catchy. But the book cover is attractive.

The title is different, and on reading the blurb one could easily guess that the protagonist is going to write a novel with the help of Aditya - the lead character and her book is gonna hit the book store and hit the top selling list. Aditya is a successful author and a successful professional. He has a great family, lovable son, trust able friends and huge fans. His life is cool and lives a life one would long for. But the roads are not smooth till the end of the journey right? He meets Shreya at one of the talks at Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru. She is from a small town and wanted to prove that people from Small town background can achieve big too. Their relationship starts with a quarrel, ego hurt. But as the story goes on, Aditya was impressed with Shreya. Shreya on the other hand wish to write a best selling author. I loved the chemistry between Aditya and Sanjay. The climax is unexpected.The first half of the book is literally very boring with mediocre and usual scenes. There is nothing new in it. No twists and a plain story.

Ravi Subramanian has mentioned in one of his interview that it took 9 months(longer than any of his other novels) to complete this novel. For nine months effort, I am little disappointed with this story.

Who will enjoy reading this book?
All the bloggers and the writers aspiring to publish a novel will enjoy reading the book.

What is good in this book and why should one read the book?
  • Few dialog or the writing are impressive 
  • For the beautiful friendship between Aditya and Sanjay (I meant the first half of the novel)
  • To get inspiration from Aditya’s character. It inspires to be ambitious in both the fields. Either being a successful professional banking career or the writing career. His role is impressive. 
Book Details
Paperback: 392 pages
Publisher: Westland (19 October 2015)
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Book Review - Voice Mates by Anamika Mishra

Book Review - Voice Mates by Anamika Mishra

Just completed the novel “Voice Mates” by Anamika Mishra and straight away writing the review. Because I am extremely impressed with the novel and could not restrict myself from writing a review about the novel. In one word, It’s an excellent read.

If you love the singing reality shows, this book is a wonderful read. Even if you don’t love singing or music, still you will love this novel. Because it has an excellent, cute love story.

These days Bloggers are highly talented. I personally feel, a novel written by bloggers have more creative and interesting stuffs then the novels written by the top selling authors. The Bloggers cum authors write only want is needed. They don’t write for the sake of extending a normal story to 300 pages or more. The novel Voice mates is an excellent example to it.

Voice mates is really an easy and must read book. It has just 200 pages with extremely simple English. Even a person with little knowledge on English can easily understand.

The novel starts with the protagonist Tulip enthusiastically waiting to know the winners of a top reality show “Voice mates season 4”. Her anticipation, despair and tension for the results makes us to feel her love toward the contest not as a viewer but a passionate person who wants to participate in the show and win the contest. Then comes her parents, who hates the reality shows and yells at Tulip when she overreacts for the contest results. Her parents wants her to be an academic topper. Her parents are often rude and hardly speaks to her. How she overcomes her parents and achieves her dreams is the plot.

One will love this novel for Sam, the hero of the story. He is matured, easy-going, confident and professional. A guy whom a girl would look for. His characterization is making us to fall in love with him and long for a soul-mate like him.

Since it’s a singing contest, there are lot of songs mentioned in the novel. To be frank, I never heard the songs mentioned in the novel. But, the songs chosen at each round and the lyrics of the songs are beautiful. It made me to google the song, download and listen to it. While listening, it made me to imagine Sam and Tulip singing on the stage. That’s the success of the author.

The conversation that happen when Tulip feels that Sam might have realized her feelings for him was absolutely fantastic. One will really love that conversation that happens at the backyard garden.

I have not read Anamika’s first novel “Too hard to Handle”. But definitely after reading this novel, I am eager to read her first novel. Usually, I don't read a novel second time, but this book is tempting to read second time.

Haaaah, I forgot, the book cover is awesome!? Isn't? Soul-mate, college mate, school mate, coffee mate, cab mate sounds good. And now, the Voice mate also sounds good and amazing.

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Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review : Waves in the sky by Rakhi Jayashankar

There is nothing ecstatic as getting a chance to watch a premiere show of a movie or read a novel before it’s released. Last week I got a chance to read a novel before it was released.

A novel in my hand before it was launched to the world. Hooray  

The novel titled “Waves in the sky” by Rakhi Jayashankar.  She is a budding writer, blogger, critic whose petals sprouted and bend down in a dance of imaginations.

There would be always a freshness and unique factor in the novel of debut authors. Their stories would really take us for a surprise. And if the writer is a blogger, it’s an added advantage. It would be definitely a worth read.

A success of book depends on how well the author hooks the reader from the beginning and this book has done enough justice to it. Right from the Author's note, she has made sure that she shouldn't sound weary throughout the novel.

Due to loads of work during the weekdays, I decided to open the book during the weekend. But I stumbled across the prologue yesterday, then I could not keep the novel down. I tell you, there are lots of disadvantages when you read a novel like this. You forget your dinner, you forgot to go loo and you forget to sleep.  Sometimes, I feel a novel has to be bitter boring at least at few places. Only then, you tend to take a break or sleep. :P
Coming to the plot...
Spoilers a head...
The novel starts with an anguish mode, but as you read the second line the mind boils down to a morality that her anger has a meaning. As you complete the first paragraph you salute and admire the confidence of the character Swathy. An interesting prologue that motivates to read the novel further. Charu's character was portrayed well. Her compassion towards her friends, her emotions towards her busy bee parents was impressive. There is an interesting reason behind the names of the canaries, read to novel to explore it :) Each canary is unique and well portrayed. Avantika who carefully chooses her friends based on "not good looking criteria" so that the attention of the boys would be on her. Similarly the story travels through the different characters of six Canaries Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika, Raihana, Yami and finally the dots were connected well.

While reading the Author's note, "I started this book as a simple contemporary fiction. After writing the first two chapters, someone held my hands and made me write more and more "  I reminisced how "Touch of Mist" metamorphosed from an article to a novel. Because without my readers motivation an article about "No Suicide thoughts" must have not mutated into a short story. They didn't stop there. They held my hands and encouraged me to convert into a novel.

Uff... Back to Review, Below are the pros and cons of Waves in the sky from my perspective.

  • The novel is of less than 200 pages and it’s an easy read.
  • The novel is written in simple English with good usage of vocabulary.
Few places it’s little filmy. Like Neha bagging first prize in all the music competitions (Light Music, Carnatic music, Western Music, Group song, Patriotic Group song, and National Anthem). When the novel actually takes you back to the school days and as we are travelling with one of those characters, these incidents like beyond the bounds of possibility gives a bump.
But on the other note, this filmy scenes are absolutely fine and okay. After all, it is a work of fiction and few things needs to be exaggerated to make the story interesting.

Over all, it’s a good read with lots of twist and interesting scenes..

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Bangalore #madeofgreat

Bangalore #madeofgreat

There could be enormous reason to fall in love with a person or with a place. Sometimes, there might be absolutely no reason to fall in love.  I always felt travel gives me lot of happiness and peace. A kind of immense satisfaction comes, when we travel or live in our favorite city. Favorite place depends on person and how emotionally we are connected to place.
For me, my favorite city is always the Garden City Bangalore. Within Just 30 minutes you could find Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Garden which is full of plants and trees that are spread around 100 acres of area. Not only that, even a small street would have a small park with a jogging track.
About Nice Toll (Source - News)
Another reason, Bangalore has lots of weekend gateways. My friends and I stick to one point. We work hard in the weekdays and bid bye to city during the weekends. We travel outside the city skirts and connect to the nature. It rejuvenate and makes the following week very colorful and refreshing. I would proudly say that the work stress or pressure won’t affect us. Because, Monday and Tuesday mornings are filled with the energy received from the nature and Thursday and Fridays we wait for the weekend zealously and explore the nature.

I am lucky enough to have a set of friends who are nature lovers and well as travel lovers and riders. Who said Women cannot have fun and Women are not daring enough to take risk and enjoy the adventure? We are the best examples.
Roads are important and it plays a vital role in making a person’s trip smooth and memorable. The Nice road (as the name suggest it’s one of the nice road in Karnataka), that connects the Bangalore and Mysore is one of the best place to drive and connect.
For people like me who experience the freaking Bangalore traffic during the weekdays, this nice road comes as a soothing effect. After all, who doesn’t love to drive on a road that has no annoying colorful signals that stops you everywhere and escape the horrible speed hump which gives you bungee jumping effect?

 One would absolutely love the design of the road. Currently it’s a four lane but it was designed to expand to six lanes in the future. This road was also designed to connect the Pune Highway and Hosur highways.
Drive, Design and connect

Here are the top 3 reasons for Bangalore to be a #madeofgreat place to Drive, Design and connect:
  • One State. Many Worlds. “One State. Many Worlds” It’s rightly quoted by Karnataka Tourism. I am not sure about the other cities in Karnataka. But Bangalore is the best example for it. I could see people in almost all the states and you get a chance to connect and explore their culture and language.
  • Garden City: The city is surrounded by Greenery. Tough these days it’s occupied with lots of IT hubs and giant buildings there are still few places with trees on either side of the road and plants at the middle of the road.
  • Climate - I am basically from Tamil Nadu where the sun showers with lot of heat. For me, this climate is a heaven
Picture Source - Tata Moter's Zica

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Sugarfree Vanilla Cake

"Happy Birthday Appa" My dad wished my grandfather and touched his feet for his blessings. 
"Happy birthday Tatta (grandpa in Tamil)" my sister and I conveyed our wishes to me.
"Only wishes? No cake cutting" My grandpa asked curiously. 
He is still young at heart and it’s true that people turn into child after 70's. He was adamant in cutting a cake
"Did you forget that you have diabetics? We are more concerned about your health. Cutting the cake would tempt you to taste the cake and it would spoil your health" my dad said in a firm voice but with love. 
On hearing my dad's statement, my grandpa face dwindled to disappointment. 
All of a sudden Sugar Free Natura's Ad flashed my mind. 
"Dad who said grandpa should not eat sweets and cut the cake?"
I suggested the idea of preparing the cake by replacing the sugar with Sugar Free Natura. Everyone voted my idea and we prepared a delicious Vanilla cake within one hour. 

My grandpa face lit up with happiness. He cut the cake like a child and indulged happily. 

He said, this was the best birthday he ever had. Below is the recipe for Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake. 
Ingredients for Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake:
  • Butter or Fermented cream or milk,
  • Eggs 
  • Sugar Free Natura ( A Low calorie Sugar Substitute)
  • Maida flour
  • Cocoa powder
  • Baking soda and Baking Powder
  • vanilla
  • Milk
  • Tuity Fruity
Yummy Yummy Mixture is ready :)

Getting Baked :) 

How to make Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake:

Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake..
  1. Turn on the oven and pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix Maida flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and beat well to a thick paste
  3. Take a bowl and batter the butter and egg. Now add vanilla powder and beat well. Add Natura's Sugarfree and mix well. Beat well for about 10 minutes. 
  4. Sprinkle the colorful tuity fruity on the mixture. 
  5. Keep the mixture in oven and bake it for about 30 minutes.
Now delicious Sugarfree Natura's Vanilla Cake is ready :)