Friday, February 16, 2018

My Auroville Marathon 2018 Experience

Auroville Marathon

      Have you ever felt a sniff of cool forest breeze on your face or smelt the fragrance of fresh medicinal trees fill your lungs while running?  If you want to experience such feel, then “Auroville Marathon” is the one. The Auroville Marathon which is held on the second Sunday of every Feb, is a must try marathon for all the Marathon lovers because it takes you through the Auroville city which is known for its peace and harmony

    When it comes to Marathon my goals would be always "SMILE and ENJOY THE RUN". While most of my veteran Marathon friends target to beat their personal best, I never target those. For me, no matter what I love it while running a Marathon. For me an achievement is, when my friends get inspired and registered to run with me.

As John Elliott says, "And, most importantly, remember what got you running in the first place and use the marathon to keep you inspired and to become an inspiration to others."

This time my Roomie and my friend Ramya decided to hit the trail. For a first-time marathon runner(rather I would say walk), It’s not hard to complete a 10K successfully.  But for Ramya, who cribs to walk from Forum to Maruthi Nagar(2KMS), it would be a real challenging one. I was really surprised when Ramya said she wants to sign up for 10K Auroville Marathon. Though running on a trail that comprises of dirt roads, forest would be fun, it needs will power to complete.

On the race day, We woke up well before sunrise, had a strong tea and then drove to the Auroville city. The event has become my favorite as it provides an unique experience of running on forest trails  with a celebration of the spirit of sport.

No wonder, Auroville Marathon has become one of the favourite events for all recreational runners in India. 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Vivasayee Short Film by Deepika Muthusamy

Vivasayee Short Film by Deepika Muthusamy

Ramachandran, a passionate farmer, desires to continue agriculture irrespective of the hardships and adverse weather. He runs into debt, leads a miserable life and does not get what he deserves. Will his fighting spirit fade away or grow deeper?

It’s very scary to imagine a world without farmers; hence this film is an attempt to relieve the plight of farmers and honor them. No Wonder, Agriculture is the backbone of the nation.