Thursday, May 2, 2024

Bond of Mother and Child

This article was submitted for the Making Moms Proud | Mother's Day contest 2024, organized by Gold Winner.

As Mother's Day approaches, my heart reminisce with the unbreakable bond between my mother and me. It was a day etched in my memory, ten days before my due date, when my world tilted on its axis.

The urgency in the hospital walls echoed as the doctor's grave expression mirrored the gravity of the situation. The words "increased fetal blood flow" and "emergency c-section" hung heavily in the air.

Months of dedication to achieving a normal delivery, including a daily 10,000-step walk, one hour of pelvic floor exercises, an hour of prenatal yoga in the evening, and 100 squats, flashed before my eyes. The flood of emotions was overwhelming, and the hopes for a natural birth seemed distant.

In that moment, all I wanted was to avoid the surgery. "Give me an injection to induce labor pain," I pleaded, hoping for a different outcome. But reality set in as the doctor explained the risks, and I reluctantly agreed to the c-section.

In this turn of events, my husband's promise to stand by me broke as responsibilities called, compelling him to depart from the hospital. He assured me he would return within two hours. I clutched his hand, seeking solace in his presence, but he reluctantly released his grip and left me to navigate the anxious hours ahead alone.

The pre-procedure preparations began, but I had a phobia for Injections. When the nurse attempted to insert the needle into my vein for the first time, my hands swelled, and blood flowed heavily. Tears streamed down my face as the nurse made another attempt, resulting in a torrent of blood and tears from my eyes.

My mother rushed to the hospital as soon as she heard the news, joining me in this emotional turmoil. Tears started dropping like rain as my mother came near, holding my hand and asking, 'Is everything really good?'

Her strict upbringing during my childhood resulted in a distinct lack of closeness between us. It was the first time she held my hand; we had rarely touched or sat close for years.

In that moment, her touch spoke volumes, bridging years of disconnect. I have always known my mother to be a pillar of strength, never letting her emotions show. Yet, as I reflect on her unwavering discipline and sacrifices, I realize that her guidance has shaped me in profound ways. Her strength became a living example of how to navigate challenges and pursue career goals.

With her by my side, I confessed,"I am a failure," 

"You are strong," she affirmed, drawing from her own experiences of childbirth.

My mother gently brushed my head and spoke, "Ramya, your sister's birth was a normal delivery for me. However, for you, it was twelve hours of labor, sleepless nights, and ultimately an emergency c-section for our well-being. In those times, c-sections were stigmatized."

My mother continued, "Few things are not in hand. You are strong; you will recover swiftly. This thought will fade once you hold your child," she affirmed. Her words of comfort induced confidence in me as she wiped my tears, and I cooperated with the nurse.

As I was wheeled towards the operating room, I not only went with emotional and physical strength but also with resilience inherited from generations of strong women. My mother's hand on mine, a silent vow of support, gave me the courage to embrace the journey ahead.

Motherhood, I realized, isn't just about giving birth; it's about enduring and learning. My journey to motherhood was marked by challenges, but it was also adorned with support and the enduring strength passed down through generations.

To all the mothers who navigate storms with grace, love unconditionally, and inspire resilience, Happy Mother's Day. You are the pillars of strength, the silent warriors who shape futures with love, courage, and unwavering determination.

As the doctor announced, "It's a B-O-Y... boy," and I heard his first cry, the way of his arrival—whether through c-section or natural birth—faded into insignificance. 

In that moment, he became my world, filling my heart with love.

Saturday, April 6, 2024

Second Chance: Chapter 2 - Suicide Point, Unexpected Beginnings

 Chapter 2 - Suicide Point Unexpected Beginnings

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Karthik's bike roared to life as Kavya settled in behind, her expression concealed. Determined to decipher her mood, he adjusted his mirror, craving a glimpse of her face. His thoughts wandered, grappling with the haunting question, "Wasn't there anything about me worth fighting for in our relationship?"

The red traffic light interrupted his reverie, prompting a journey back in time, fifteen years back. "They say marriages are made in heaven," he murmured, "but ours... it was dawned at Suicide Point."


Our story unfolds at Suicide Point, a picturesque spot in Yercaud, a hill station where our families organized an annual trip each year. I vividly remember those days; fresh out of college, we eagerly awaited our final semester results. 

Since childhood, my heart held a deep affection for Kavya that endured through the years. However, despite knowing me since birth, she never seemed to reciprocate any profound friendship towards me.

Pausing for coffee near the scenic suicide spot, savoring the chill weather, Kavya ordered a coffee for herself, and I pretended to be unsure about whether I wanted tea or coffee.

I asked her if I could taste her coffee to help me decide and without waiting for her answer, I took a sip from her cup and exclaimed, "Hmm, Lovely! I will have coffee too".

Her response was quick with a smirk, "No, no, you keep this one. It's a saliva blend now. I will get a fresh one."

Before her new coffee arrived, her father approached, burdening me with the family business responsibilities.

"Karthik, studies are done. Join us and learn the business", he urged.

Our families had been business friends for decades, my father chimed in, "Take over in six months. We deserve a break!"

Feeling annoyed with the business discussions, I muttered to myself, "Oh gosh... There it is again, the business talk."

I excused myself under the pretext of checking our car's security, "Wait, Dad! I'm not sure if I locked our car. Let me go check real quick!"

Before leaving, I wanted to take Kavya with me. "Hey Kavya, want to join me?" I asked hopefully.

She smiled gently and declined, "I'm tired, Karthik."

Persisting, I added, "Just a short stroll. Trust me, It will refresh you."

She hesitated for a moment, then relented with a nod, "Alright, let's go"

As we walked, she quizzed, "Our car's that way, why are we going the other way?"

"I just needed a moment away, with you by my side," I teased, a playful wink adding a touch of mischief to my words.

Caught off guard, she playfully remarked, "Nice try," her eyes gleaming mischievously as she added, "Not sneaking for a smoke break, are you?"

"No, no, just needed some fresh air," I reassured exhaling a misty breath to emphasize my point. I chimed in, "That discussion was suffocating."

Her soft voice advised, "If you don't want to get into business, tell them upfront."

The chill embrace of the weather and the misty ambiance draped us, accompanied by the scent of roasting corn nearby. We instinctively rubbed our hands together, seeking warmth in the cold. But in a fleeting moment, the mist disappeared, revealing the picturesque scene before us.

Spotting a stunning viewpoint, Kavya posed, urging me to capture the beauty. Ah, the days of limited film rolls and no instant retakes!

As her hair danced in the wind, I couldn't resist the urge to make a slight adjustment for the photo. Not wanting to miss the chance of getting closer to her, I gently moved closer, savoring the scent of her hair as I reached out to arrange it.

With careful movements, I smoothed out the strands, relishing the softness and texture of each one as I helped her gather them. The intimate moment allowed me to appreciate her beauty close, and I found myself lost in her.

"Hey, go and click the photo quickly before the mist returns!" Kavya exclaimed.

With precision, I meticulously captured her in just one picture, freezing that beautiful moment in time.  

Reflecting on the past, I realize how fortunate we were not to have the instant review and retake feature on our smartphones back then. Nowadays, she would probably ask for a thousand shots until my phone battery died just to get that flawless picture.

As I carefully placed the camera back into its pouch, a fortune teller with a rattle-drum approached us.

With confidence, the fortune teller declared, "Your future bride is here!"

Kavya playfully scanned the crowd, pretending to search for my destined bride. The fortune teller pointed at her, affirming, "She's the one."

She chuckled softly, shaking her head. "Meee?, marry him? That's a good one! But, He is more like my 'bro-daddy' type. I can't image my life with him"

"Bro type, huh? Why do you girls always corner us with bro types?" he countered, glancing at Kavya. Looking at the fortune teller, he added, "Well, marrying her? That's definitely not on my wishlist; can't even imagine us twinning in matching outfits!"

"Whoa, slow down there" But just as Kavya was about to continue, the fortune teller interrupted with a shake of his rattle-drum, creating a loud noise. "The signs are clear; you two have already started arguing. It's like the first requirement of a marriage"

"Hey, why are we arguing? He is just babbling some random stuff to squeeze some extra cash, thinking we are a couple who will feel happy about it."

The fortune teller, irked by my comment, stated firmly, "I have been doing this for over 30 years. And mark my words, you will return here with her" he pointed at Kavya, "after your wedding."

The unexpected prediction took us by surprise, and our parents overheard our conversation. This idea registered in the back of their minds as a seed of possibility. Throughout the trip, they discussed envisioning our future together, and before our trip had even concluded, our engagement date was finalized.

It seemed that the idea of marrying Kavya to me had been brewing in their minds for some time, and the palm reader's prediction simply ignited that spark.

And so, our journey as a couple began at Suicide Point, where we experienced a blend of breathtaking highs and daunting lows, much like the ups and downs of relationships.
As the traffic light switched to green, a cacophony of car horns filled the air, snapping me back to reality. Kavya's urging to move forward echoed in my ears and I zoomed the bike.

To be continued...