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I am a Pizza Face! An ADULT with ACNE! - A guest post by Vijayeswari Muruganandam

This is a guest post by Vijayeswari Muruganandam

I am a Pizza Face! An ADULT with ACNE!

ACNE VULGARIS - the name sounds UGLY! Isn't it?? So does the effects of acne on adolescents and sometimes on adults, both physically and psychologically!

Acne Vulgaris, commonly called as acne/pimples is not just Skin Deep, its much beyond that! I am a victim of it in my late 20s, thought of sharing my personal experiences on this blog.

The very fact of Acne in most cases starts with the puberty, that's when the adolescents try to build/shape up their personalities. It adds to the feelings of body image, self-esteem and other emotional issues. The raging hormones cause lot of anxiety about the physical appearances, attractions, etc. and the peer acceptance/status is important at that crucial stage.

Everyone wants to look perfect! Most of us have complained about every feature in our body, a crooked nose, an uneven smile, or dull eyes, a drooping shoulder or anything. We don't have tolerance for any imperfections in our body!

The victims, so like me, spend most of the time in front of the mirror or in the bathroom, trying to cover it up and it becomes so obvious in our day to day activities, the so-called affective display. The affective display in psychological terms, is the subject's externally displayed affect.

Acne just don't cause a dent in your face or body, but on your self-esteem, if not treated properly. By treatment, I just don't mean to say, clinical treatment, but a way out to build up self-esteem. It's not just cosmetic!

Here are the little things, that I have come across, while I was a victim of acne. This is more of a Mind-Skin connection.

1. Body Dysmorphic Disorder: 

A disfiguring acne could lead to the dissatisfaction with appearance, i.e. having a poor body image. You start believing in unreal imperfections and the preoccupation or even obsessed with the imperfections. The victim becomes self-consciousness, and lacks self-confidence and spends hours thinking about a real or perceived flaw causing embarrassment. It causes social dysfunction, including concerns about interactions with the opposite gender, appearances in public, interacting with strangers. It infuses negative thinking patterns, may even have thoughts of suicide or make a suicide attempt. My case was never that worse!!

2. Embarrassment:
Every other social meet/party/family function makes you feel low, with the acne all over your face and mind! Irritating myths about acne like poor hygiene or sex hormones causing acne embarrasses you to the core and you really feel like avoiding conversations or interactions with relatives or friends. I have experienced social anxiety and general avoidance of activities that bring attention to my condition. For God sake, acne has no concrete reason and a multifactorial issue.

3.Feelings of Unworthiness:
Resisting social pressure is difficult for teenagers, for anyone! How much ever the victims try to pose a strong image, a feeling of unworthiness prevails within them. Mood disturbances, breakout, lack of peer status, cause depression.  These behavioral problems take a toll on the career, relationships etc.

4. Emotional Stress:
Having your face scrutinized by others is the most stressful thing in the world. You just feel that you are on a display. Unlike other dermatologic diseases that can be covered by clothing, acne is mostly visible and causing enough trauma and stress. Emotional Stress and Acne is a causality dilemma, like a chicken and egg problem. Emotional Stress is an effect of Acne, wherein its also a cause for acne!

5. Advice:

You probably heard all sorts of advice about why you developed acne and how to deal with it.
“You eat too much of a junk!” 
“You don’t wash your face enough!”
 “Drink lots of water!”
"Get a tan"... 
Enough is said.. You get to see, everyone on the road coming up with a diet plan for you, a beauty product for you...You would not believe that my cupboard was filled with turmeric powder to astringents, which were forcibly bought under compulsion or influence of friends.

And friends, now its my advice time. I have been through all the drama and trauma and now nothing could break me! Here is what I followed,

  • Get More Sleep
  • Drink More Water
  • Hang out with friends, Get some air
  • Go with light or no makeup at home
  • Watch your diet
  • Get on the dance floor or hit the gym to fight out stress
  • Fall in Love

Above all the most effective method for Pimple Free skin:

  • Use Garnier Neem Face Wash twice a day for a long term solution to all the skin problem and to get clear and Pure Skin. 

My Grandma always say Neem contains anti bacterial properties. Garnier Neem Face contains Neem Leaf Extract and Tea-Tree Oil which helps in oil control and remove the the Pimples marks as well. Its contains soap-free formula and hence it is gentle on skin. Once you use Garnier Neem Face Wash, acne say bye to your skin and you get addicted to it!!!

More than all, say out loud "Yes, I am an adult with acne and I know to deal with it". It really works! And go SELFIE!!

This post is written as a part of Garnier Pure Active Neem contest organized by Indiblogger.

Thank you Vijayeswari Muruganandam for the Guest post. 

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