Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Because Nisha will be Leaving in 3 days....

26th Jan 2011

Ma Sweety Nisha will fly to Chennai in 3 days. we thought of giving send off with bunch of colorful memories. we are ready to do, whatever she asks. Her first request was, to watch a 3-D movie. We planned to book for the 3-D Fairy tale movie "Tangled" as we are not ready to watch the one and only Dhanush movie "Aadukalam" again.

For 3:00 PM show, we reached GVK Mall at 3:30 and the tickets were sold out. we are not ready to go back as it was Nisha request, and she will be leaving in 3 days. We searched for other option and found Gulliver's Travels 3D movie which was at 5.30.

WoW!!! First time we were so early to a movie. 2 Hours spending in INOX is As easy as Pie. But Nisha wanted to have Choco Frappe. As Nisha will be leaving in 3 days, We thought of fulfilling her wish and took her to Coffee Day. This time we were so alert as once myself and Nisha paid 400 for just one Choco Frappe and Devil's Eye in Coffee Day @ Charminar.

We kept talking and forgot that it was 5.40. Opps!! again we are late to movie. We rushed to the hall after the touch ups done by Nisha. We were shocked when the interval came in just 30 mins. Not that we were late but the duration of the movie was very less.
The movie was over by 6:30 and we looked at Nisha for our next plan. She said Nambally Exhibition. We took an auto and reached Nambally Exhibition. 

we saw very good collection of dress. But we were not having enough money to buy them. We searched all over the Exhibition to find an ATM. Atlast at 8:30 we found an ATM with big Q. By the time we with draw money it was 9:00 and was in no mood to shop. we just had our dinner and started back.

While returning, we just escaped from a big accident which was about to happen with Innova at Banjara hills....


  1. Gud one!!!!Ellam ok thaan but "she will be leaving in 3 days" indha dialogue mattum nee vida matteeya????naanga pavvam...though Nishath left frm hyd..u wont leave this dialogue i guess....:)

  2. Nice Dips!!Good dont like danush movie..;)as always i like ur blog..