Friday, January 25, 2013

I wish I could Touch...

“One Bangalore”, I said offering the money to bus conductor.
“Right now, you are in Bangalore”, the conductor mumbled and handed the money back with a strange look.
“Oops, One Erode” I said blushing my teeth. The conductor honored the ticket and performed a head-to-toe scanning.
This is the day I have been waiting for the past ten months. My excitement was overwhelming and I could no longer control myself. I kept looking at my watch every one minute.
“What time it will reach Erode”, the conductor was about to lose the temper when I asked 25th time.
“The reaching time doesn't change, if you keep asking the same question again and again” He replied.
I grinned at the conductor and started dreaming about him, the only thing I can do now in these journeys of five hours.
I am going to see him after 10 months of thrill. I don’t know how he looks.
“Thin or fat; Fair or dark? Curly or straight hair;” I am clueless. I have spoken to him several times, but every time his reply would be just a squirm.

“How do I start?  Shall I just start with a smile? Or shall I directly start my conversation by offering him a kiss on his head?”. I rehearsed what to do when I meet him. But my plan got spoiled when I met him.
He was there right in front of my eyes. But I was frozen by his beauty. No words came out. He was so cute that I have not seen such a boy in my life time.
“Erode, Erode” I sensed someone tapping my shoulder.  I woke up and realized it was a dream. I thanked the conductor and rushed to the hospital.
The nurse in the reception was sleeping.
I asked nurse, “Hello, Ramya and Thangaprakash. Room number?”
“Go straight, take left. Third room”
I already started running towards the room. On the way I shouted, “Thank you Nurse.”
“Shzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Silence please. Watch your foot steps” The duty nurse warned by pointing to a wall paper hung on the wall. It was a portrait of child photo with fingers on its mouth.
I gleamed at her and ran inside the room.
The baby was sleeping inside the cradle  and I threw my slippers in excitement.
When I was about to approach the cradle, I felt some one dragging my hair and pushed me to the exit of the door.
It was my aunty. “What let me see the baby”
“You are late by one day. So, you are not supposed to watch the baby”
The leg pulling games of my aunt continued, but my eyes glued to the cradle.
“Please Aunty. Let me watch him.”
On seeing my face, she took her hand away from my hair. I tried to rush again to see my sister's son.
When I about to peep, my mother blocked the way.
"What ma? Let me watch him. It was a wait of almost 8 hours."
"First go, wash your hands, legs and face with soap and then approach the baby", my mom instructed.
I rushed to bath room , washed my face and hands in a rapid fire pace and headed to the baby hoping no one will stop now.
This time my uncle, “Whats your age?”
"Is it the time to ask now? Please mama. Let me watch him."
“you are grown up. Cant you know to wash your hands properly?", He said pointing to the soap bubbles on my hands.
“Go, wash and come” he repeated
I went but not in the direction of bathroom, but to the direction of the baby.
My dad, dragged my hand and put me inside bathroom instructing me to wash my hands

I washed and prayed god not to get any blockers this time.
When I was about to reach the cradle, my sister shouted, “Wipe your hand with towel. Baby will feel chill”
I was not having patience to search for a towel. I went near mom, wiped my hand with her saree and approached him.
“Kutty” I screeched.
The baby responded with a wriggling movement. Everybody shot a villian look towards me along with a warning symbol not to shout. I went near the cradle and glanced the baby. It was pink, sleeping with his small eyes closed.
I brought my finger towards his soft hand and caressed the palm of  the tiny baby's hand. He clutched my hand tightly. My heart skipped a beat. What a warmth, tender touch. His hands was so soft than a lotus or rose petals and a butterfly wings.

I wish I could touch that tiny, pink soft hand again....


  1. Wen U read dis story once again after a LNG gap,U don't realised tat U R smiling,but d lips automatically changes frm small length to big length,like da measurement tape:P v feeling lik flying......most beautiful one sis:P:P:P

  2. Thank you Vignesh :) :) You started posting the comment in a poetic way ;)

    1. Unga bro va irukum pothu ethu kuda illa na ,den unga bro nu solika mudiyathule....:D Jst kidding :[

  3. nice narration... excellent work... 1 small suggestion....cud have kept the suspense of whom ur meeting a lil longer so tat reading people wud be more anxious to knw abt it ... after all tats wat all ppl like even in life :0) ha ha... great job... all the best.. tc... keep writing :)

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  5. You crafted this really sweet story beautifully!:)

  6. Excellent.. Very well framed

  7. Romba nalla eluthirkenka.. I am very happy to read this, keep writing.

    I have also participated in this prompt, if you have time Checkout

  8. you are playing with lot of persons feel in one event.. so nice

  9. Thank you so much Nachi.. Sure, wil have a look it your post

  10. Very Nice dear.. Loved it.

  11. hey story was really great
    u gave the real feel like, i was travelling in the bus, i'm entering into hospital, that too that baby picture with finger in the lips great lines to show the presence and the surroundings..... u became a real matured author

    Keep rocking...

  12. Thank you so much Gopi :) you made my day :)

  13. Super coollllll... and intresting... Almost same experiance I had when I went to see my nephew before 1 year..... The way you told this is really wonder full.. Keep up the good work.... :)