Sunday, May 9, 2010

MA Happy Mothers DAY . . .

Mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year in India. God could not came to earth to feed and take care of every child. So, he send ‘Mother’ in its form.

“I did not want to buy her a gift because I think something handmade shows the love and care that goes into the effort, and that it’s not just a formality,” says Zainab.

Make her feel great this day. 

Yes, I wished her by kissing her in Fore head.

Came across this poem , sent by a friend ...
Do you have that person / people in your life for whom you feel whats conveyed in this poem ? Check it out !!
Is that me or it is you? When I am upset, there is a tear in your eye
When I am happy, there is a smile on your face
I am not sure who resides in me
Is that me or it is you?
You have sleepless nights when I work till late
You too stay hungry when I'm not in a mood to eat
You get worried when I get hurt
You look fresh when I sleep for long
I am not sure who takes care of me
Is that me or it is you?
Sadness touches your heart before it comes to me
Happiness brings a twinkle in your eyes before it brings a smile on my face
Words come out of your mouth before thoughts enter my mind
I am not sure who has my heart
Is that me or it is you?
I was upset and was crying
Wanted to spend some time with me
But I missed you when I was with myself
I am not sure who did I want
Was that me or it was you?
I have asked a thousand times to myself
Who is my life?
Is that me or it is you?

My answer is "ITS MY MOM" . .

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  1. Gud Poetic one..moms are always special and u expressed it rght way..