Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last day at IBM . . .

"A journey is best measured in
Experience rather than miles"

14th August 2007, the day I joined ACE gang (IBM). Lot of dreams, passions in everyone's eyes. Damn sure, the excitement towards IBM logo and the BOOM gifts received from IBM are preserved like diamond @ everyones home

Today is my last day of employment at IBM.

Why should I say "Its My last working day at IBM".. Hmmm... Rather I would love to say "Going on long vacation"... who knows I may be back to IBM as a CEO ;)

2 years 10 Months, , Lots of cries, RCM exams, Dis-appointments, fight with managers, Initial Bench period, , was this my experience in IBM????

Yup, I need to think a year to write my happiest moment @ IBM.

Its not the experience, The lesson learned in each pain. I should definitely thank IBM sorry sorry , My team for giving me such a wonderful lesson.

Its always the First job leaves lasting memories. . . Yes, Still I feel a Feather in my cap when I say "I was an IBMer".

Finally, Thank you Reshu and Suchitra for everything. I can definitely say that if you both were not there, I would not be in a place where I am today.

Santhosh, My little brother, Mr.Perfect, gave such a wonderful send off.

Oh god!!! How can I forget my friend Abitha. What I am here is only because of her.

Stepped into IBM with a dream of Deepika M.S., But signing off with Deepika MBA.,

The only only only happiness I had these IBM period was my MS mates and PESIT College.I never even had a dream of studying in one of the TOP institutes in KARNATAKA .

Fighting, comments, advices, class room sleepizzzing, Break time chats. My eyes wets with memories. Anitha, Aabitha, Ramya, Swathi, jayashree, Layanya, Malar, DeepaShree, I must have not got those good friends without IBM. Thanks IBM!!!

And also,Today is my last day in Bangalore. I am moving to Hyderabad. A Completely new state, New language, new job,etc etc,,, Nothing is old apart from me.

I have been in Bangalore for 2.10 years.

I wish myself for a new world , , "All the BEST DEEPU"

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