Thursday, August 30, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage

“Hey I brought a new phone" I whispered to my friend with excitement
Does it have 3G? Touch? Wi-Fi ?Secondary camera options? Android software? His question went on
It took more time for me to answer his question than the time I took to research for buying a new phone.
Arrange marriage has now more or less become like this purchase of the phone in the market.
Does he earn 5 digit salaries per month? Does he owe a car? Does he own a flat? Is he thin? Fair?

This is how the current arrange marriage works. There are days where a bride and groom don’t meet until they the time of marriage. But this days, all it goes are with Outside and External Influence.
Just like the fairy Cinderella story where beautiful dress, shoes vanishes by night, The love between the couples gets faded out soon when they slowly realize their negative.
I am not against arrange marriage, but the arrange marriage in these century are more like business which deals only with money

This is a contest entry by Sony television conducted for the promotions of their new Hindi Soap Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage.

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