Friday, November 30, 2012

Pages from my Diary

January 2011

Everything beneath the cosmos is beautiful. Birds preening, a puppy licks, Twilight, A Blooming Flower, a Child’s Genuine Smile . . .Above all, I admire one thing the most i.e. "LOVE".

I am Dakshanya. 24, Slim Fit and Fair. My ambition in life is to love my life partner so intensely, truly and honestly. I don’t believe in Love which comes before marriage. I trust, the love which comes after marriage and the one arranged by our parents are True and last for ever.

January 2012

I hate a Blooming Flower, Child's Genunie Smile, Birds Preening, Twilight, . Above all there is one thing which I hate the most. And that is "LOVE"
Can Likes or Opinion change in a year? If so, Why? What went wrong?

Coming Soon.....
 "Pages from my Diary"

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