Thursday, April 4, 2013

SOLDIER FOR WOMEN - Its my dad - My Hero

I would like to write about a man who stood up for a woman with courage and integrity. Its none other than my dad.

Still the craze for boy child in India does not go off.

At least the expectation for a second child (considering the fact first child was female), by default they expect to be "Male Child"

But my dad was different in this case. He was open to accept any child. And was more happy when the second child was also a female child.

When I complained about how hard my Post graduation exams are, you patted on my arm and said "Just attend the exams. No Probs, if you fail too, we have October to take it again,

More than a Father, you have been a wonderful friend always,

He taught me to walk when I could not,

HE taught Success in my life, when I needed

No matter how old i become, I Will be always a Daddy Girl and your knaughty little princess ♥ ♥