Monday, May 6, 2013

Writing - The other Side

Other Side of being a writer

Brain FOG
Your brain dysfunction due to the thoughts of the story and the plot. Typically, your brain starts to ache due to thinking.
You will miss your loved ones
  • Once, my loved one was on bed with high fever and cold, I dint even react to offer help as my thoughts were frozen with the book ideas and story.
  • You will not respond to your friends calls and messages.
  • Wont spend time with family
lack progress in career advancement
Research do say, Humans have the ability to multi-task. But trust me, its little challenging to handle more than one task at the same time. If you concentrate on your writing, there is a down fall in your career.
If you focus on your career, your writing stuffs gets halted.
Irrespective of deceleration of disclaimer in different phases like, "Its an imaginary story," , "Fiction",  "All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental." people end up asking "was it your story?",  "Come-on, Its must be your story?" even more worse people conclude and argue its must be your story.
No Break
You tend to forget break. No eating, no drinking water, No eating proper foods... No Make-up too :(

Lack of sleep and body pains are additional complimentary.....
Still, When you publish and when your friends appreciate your work, All the pain turns to sweet nothings...