Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rajinikanth hypothetical shopping experience

"Kadhal Anukal udambil etthanai? 
neutron electron – unneelakannil mottham etthanai?
unnai ninaithal thisukkal thorum aasai sindhanai..

(A Tamil song from the film Enthiran(ROBOT))

Rajinikanth was strumming with guitar looking at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a beautiful oasis.
"Sirrrrrrrrrrrr!!!" The mellifluous soul-stirring song was interrupted by an unexpected sound of a high pitched male voice.
"Cut!!!!!" Director Shankar yelled. All the assistant directors pitched to search the voice.
"Who's the Black Sheep? Mehhhhhh!" Ranjikanth eyes searched for the voice.
A Man in his late twenties, completely drenched with sweat came running towards him with mobile phone in one hand. It was none other than Rajinikanth's personal assistant.
"Seeeviduven...Seevi... (I'll chop off your head)". Why did you disturb me in the mid of ROBO shoot" Rajini screamed.
"Sir, Drop this ROBOT movie. After years, Robot will Release a Film with your name. But there is a burning issue coming up.. "
"Sabba" Everybody in the set needed a break and Director Shankar announced 15 minutes tea break.
Rajini's P.A continued, "Today is your wife's bday and you forget to wish her.... Madam is angry...Very angry..."
Rajini realize that he had forgotten his wife birthday and thinks of an idea quickly. He calls his wife immediately and says, "Honey.. There is a pleasant surprise for you in an hour”
The worried PA asks how it could be possible, as he is miles far away from home.
“En Vazhi, Thani Vazhi" (My way is my own)” Rajini again throws a punch.
"Sir, what are you going to do?"
Rajini looks at him and says, ""Naan enna pannuven, epdi pannuven yarkum theriyathu. Aana panna vendiya nerathile correct ah panni duven" (Nobody knows how or what I will do, but I will do when the time is right)
This time the PA literally gets pissed off on hearing his punch dialogues.
"Are you going to catch next flight and purchase something in malls and surprise your wife?"
Rajini again throws his punch,"Kannaaa Pani Thaa Kutama shopping mall pogum...Singo Singala... online shopping pannum." (Only pigs shops in groups through shopping mall, a tiger shops alone through online)
Now, the PA thinks he got a chance to pull his leg and says, "Sir, we have Yebhi, filpkart, Myntra, shopping.indiatimes,Homeshop18, Zovi, Yepme, eBay and over 500 online retailers ...Before you finalize which one to opt for shopping, your wife’s next birthday will get over"

Rajini laugh out with loud and takes out his phone and type "BAGGOUT" and immediately his phone vibrates.
"Summa pere ketta athrudula" (Doesn't Doesn't everything quake at the mere mention of the name)"
He orders a orange color dress, Black Sandal, Black Belly Shoes HYPE, Purple Saree, Navy Blue Leggings, Jaipuri Magenta Silk Double Bed Cover, Brown Necklace, Renata LED Desk Light Crackle Glass, Black Running Shoes Kittens, Doodle Girls White Printed Dress, Red Rose Women Cream Nightdress, Golden Peacock Silver Plated Heart Shaped Earring through finish his purchase with a punch, "Andavan solran. Arunachalam seiran" (God commands, I act )

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  1. Writeup is too humorous... I cant stop my laugh :-D
    There is nothing Rajnikanth can't do...
    BTW Its a nice advertisement idea Deepika ;-)

  2. Very nice da...good out of box thinking