Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Surf it All! Surf it Fast! UC Cricket

"What's up in 10 days?" My friend dropped a message in what’s app after seeing my status "10 days to go. . ." in Whats App.
"Well. Any guesses?" I texted him back with a curiosity of knowing what's running in other people's mind.
"Are you going to get married?”
"No" I replied him with a smiley that represents distorted mouth.
"Then running away with boyfriend?" He texted back. He is known for placing me under embarrassment.
":-X" I replied back with a smiley and desperately want him to stop further guesses. So I replied him immediately, “I am going for a 10 day Himalayan Trekking 0:-)  "
“Wow. That’s great. Then what about cricket? The World cup is scheduled during the same period. I am sure you are going to miss the fun.”

Oh god! How did I forget that? I am a big cricket freak and never miss cricket. In fact, I snoop the highlights of the match with the same curiosity and react as If I was watching for the first time. I remember, during our college day’s cricket was displayed in the TV at a showroom. Just to watch cricket, I stood in front of that TV showroom ignoring the heavy rain and thunder. I am not a cricket freak, I am a cricket insane!!!
My Himalayan trekking was equally my passion and I was planning for the trip from the past 3 years. My heart says, Cancel the Himalayan trip and stay at your home to watch cricket. But my mind calculated the cost that was involved for planning the trip. Flight tights, accommodation cost and the travel purchase made for the trip altogether cost me around 50,000 rupees. My mind did not let me to cancel the trip. At the same time, I don’t want to miss the cricket. Convincing my mind that I have a data connection, I replied my friend, “I have internet connection. I can google to check the scores"
“You don’t have UC Browser?replied my friend surprised.
You see Browser? What’s that?”
“Not you see lady. UC Browser. It’s the best popular mobile internet browser and suggested for UC Cricket.”
“Is that Mobile software available for Symbian?” I placed my problem of using Nokia Asha 302 phone. Few interesting apps never support Symbian.
“Yes, it’s available for Symbian, iPhone, Android and even for brew Operating System. “

“Wow. But, why should I use that software?”

“You can download as much as videos you want simultaneously. This browser offers cloud storage option. You have an option to save the videos either in the mobile or in the cloud. Above all, the download speed is amazing and seamless.”

On listening to the features of UC Browser like Fixture and Result, instant notifications and live updates, I downloaded the UC Browser and used it during my 10 day Himalayan trekking.
Here is my blissful experience about UC Browser that helped me to stay linked with the cricket during my trekking exploration.

  • Performance - During my travel especially inside the forest places where the internet connection is very slow, the UC Browser has the capacity to load the page according to the strength of the internet connection. UC has "incognito mode". So, the browsing history is not captured.
  • Features: I simply loved the "night mode" option. During camping, where there are no lights, browsing would consume more light and battery. Whereas, these night mode helps a lot for browsing in the dark. Live Scores of the matches along with auto update makes me go crazy.

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