Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review : Waves in the sky by Rakhi Jayashankar

There is nothing ecstatic as getting a chance to watch a premiere show of a movie or read a novel before it’s released. Last week I got a chance to read a novel before it was released.

A novel in my hand before it was launched to the world. Hooray  

The novel titled “Waves in the sky” by Rakhi Jayashankar.  She is a budding writer, blogger, critic whose petals sprouted and bend down in a dance of imaginations.

There would be always a freshness and unique factor in the novel of debut authors. Their stories would really take us for a surprise. And if the writer is a blogger, it’s an added advantage. It would be definitely a worth read.

A success of book depends on how well the author hooks the reader from the beginning and this book has done enough justice to it. Right from the Author's note, she has made sure that she shouldn't sound weary throughout the novel.

Due to loads of work during the weekdays, I decided to open the book during the weekend. But I stumbled across the prologue yesterday, then I could not keep the novel down. I tell you, there are lots of disadvantages when you read a novel like this. You forget your dinner, you forgot to go loo and you forget to sleep.  Sometimes, I feel a novel has to be bitter boring at least at few places. Only then, you tend to take a break or sleep. :P
Coming to the plot...
Spoilers a head...
The novel starts with an anguish mode, but as you read the second line the mind boils down to a morality that her anger has a meaning. As you complete the first paragraph you salute and admire the confidence of the character Swathy. An interesting prologue that motivates to read the novel further. Charu's character was portrayed well. Her compassion towards her friends, her emotions towards her busy bee parents was impressive. There is an interesting reason behind the names of the canaries, read to novel to explore it :) Each canary is unique and well portrayed. Avantika who carefully chooses her friends based on "not good looking criteria" so that the attention of the boys would be on her. Similarly the story travels through the different characters of six Canaries Charu, Ananya, Neha, Avantika, Raihana, Yami and finally the dots were connected well.

While reading the Author's note, "I started this book as a simple contemporary fiction. After writing the first two chapters, someone held my hands and made me write more and more "  I reminisced how "Touch of Mist" metamorphosed from an article to a novel. Because without my readers motivation an article about "No Suicide thoughts" must have not mutated into a short story. They didn't stop there. They held my hands and encouraged me to convert into a novel.

Uff... Back to Review, Below are the pros and cons of Waves in the sky from my perspective.

  • The novel is of less than 200 pages and it’s an easy read.
  • The novel is written in simple English with good usage of vocabulary.
Few places it’s little filmy. Like Neha bagging first prize in all the music competitions (Light Music, Carnatic music, Western Music, Group song, Patriotic Group song, and National Anthem). When the novel actually takes you back to the school days and as we are travelling with one of those characters, these incidents like beyond the bounds of possibility gives a bump.
But on the other note, this filmy scenes are absolutely fine and okay. After all, it is a work of fiction and few things needs to be exaggerated to make the story interesting.

Over all, it’s a good read with lots of twist and interesting scenes..


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