Friday, May 20, 2016

Hello Malaysia

Hello Malaysia

International trips are no longer a dream. With travel websites like Yatra, it’s easy to plan a stay and travel at discounted prices. Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand were the top three in my bucket list and I decided to tick one of them this year.

One of the advantage in having your sister or brother working in abroad is that one can easily plan an international trip with decent cost. A vacation without a holiday trip is never treated as a vacation. It’s the best thing that one can gift themselves. Since my sister was staying in Malaysia, we thought Malaysia was the perfect vacation spot.

When I called my sister and informed my plans, she roared with joy. We booked as per her request and started counting the days for our trip day. Since my sister was staying in Malaysia, we planned to spend one month in Malaysia. She was staying in Kuala Perlis and our first plan was to visit Kuala Lumpur, since it was the most popular city in Malaysia.

Since it was the first international trip, few of my relatives came to give send off. We boarded the flight and after 3 hours landed in Malaysia. On the way to our hotel, the first thing we saw was neat roads and beautiful architecture. We did not miss to see the Petronas Twin Towers. Its charming height and architecture, tempted to visit immediately. Since we have to fresh up, we decided to visit during night-time. Also, my uncle suggested only during the night-time, the charming add due to the music and lightnings.

The next day morning, the plan was to visit China town first and then Batu caves. Batu Caves holds a special place in my heart, since I have seen this Muragan statue in most of the movies. It had 272 steps and my nephew who is just 3 years old could not climb. His tiny legs started to ache; hence I took him in my arms and climbed 272 steps at a stretch. If I think of it now, it seems like a miracle. Might be because of Marathon practices, I got more stamina. Evening we visited Aquaria KLCC. After spending 3 days in Kuala Lumpur, we took another flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Perlis.

There was not much places to visit in Kuala Perlis. One Monday morning, we were bored and decided to visit Ladang Nipah Kipli which was near to my sister home. But it was closed since it was a Monday. Then we returned home after some chit-chat. Since there are not much places to visit in Kuala Perlis, we planned for Penang and Langkawi.

The first week we went Penang Island and the following week we visited Langkawi.
We went to Karumariamman and Dharmikarama Burmese Temple in Penang. There was a belief in this temple. You need to choose a number and the number would tell some fortune. Personally, I felt a positive vibration while entering this Buddha temple. I must say, I was attracted to Buddhism. Then we spend our day in Penang Botanic Gardens and Penang Butterfly Farm.  I loved this place as there was lots of butterfly flying around me. One need at least of four days to spend in Penang as there are lots of places like Toy Museum, Penang State Museum & Art Gallery and Penang Khoo Khongsi. The Penang Bridge was one of the best place to ride during the evening time and observe the beautiful penang island.

Our last visit was to Langkawi. There are not much places to cover in Langkawi. But, one should not miss Langkawi Cable car, Eagle Square and underwater world. We took a photo in front of the Eagle square and headed back to Kuala Lumpur to catch our return flight. This trip was very much memorable, since it was our first international trip.


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