Monday, May 28, 2018

Hello Techie.. Are you worried about layoff?

A few years before when I was with an organization, they announced that there would be layoffs. 90% of my batch mates were fired. They were too young to handle this termination. Layoffs are common when the market goes through a dark phase.

No one’s career journey is perfectly smooth. At some point, one must have faced either a lay-off, low-rating, delayed promotion or stagnancy in a role for several years. Always remember, a career path will always have lots of bumps in the road. One cannot expect their Career graph to have an increasing trend throughout. It will have ups and downs in a cyclical fashion. At some point, everyone feels they are struck.

Like up-skilling or re-skilling, we should learn to face these struggles with grace and resilience.  Cultivate a habit to accept the reality. Remind yourself that this is part of one's Journey and this situation is not a permanent one. It’s just a chapter along a journey. Always contribute your best effort and focus the learning and experience. This will help you to take your career to the next step.

Always remember:
  • Invest in your networks and your skills. You know that you’ll use them to make your next move. These actions will also make you better at your current job.
  • Avoid emotional pitfalls. Nothing in life is permanent, yet because you see your colleagues on a daily basis, it can be easy to think of them as a second family. However, work relationships should be only one of many sources of companionship.
  • Keep perspective. Your job is not the whole of who you are, nor does it determine whether you are successful in life. The happiest, most productive employees don’t rely exclusively on their jobs to give them purpose. They lead fulfilling lives outside work, too.

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