Thursday, July 18, 2019

A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 3

It’s hard to believe that sometimes in a very short span, we fall deeply in love with someone. 
Well, bonding between someone doesn’t strengthen over time, sometimes It can happen even in fraction of millisecond...

Diya had been counting the seconds. The nervousness and the confusion, it made her feel like she was already in love with Karthik. She decided to leave early from office, so that she can have her hair and facial done at the parlor.

As the clock hit 5 in the evening she went to her colleague Jahnavi and said, “I had mailed you my status, please consolidate our team members and send them to onsite leadership. I am leaving now from office"

Jahnavi is not only her colleague but her best friend as well. They not only have a mutual respect but a deep care that only the two of them can understand. Diya is so grateful to Jahnavi for being such an important part in her life.

"What’s going on? A person who always show up on time and never leaves early from office, has come in late and leaving early today. Something fishy" Jahnavi chuckled.
"Hmm.. I have some bank work. It was not completed in the morning," Diya snapped.
Jahnavi couldn’t agree with Diya's statement.
"Which bank operates after 5?” Jahnavi shrugged
"Okay. Don’t tell anyone. I am going to date a guy." Diya winked at her and grinned.
"That’s like the worst joke ever. Next time come up with a convincing lie. For now, let me buy that you are going to bank” Jahnavi replied and turned towards her monitor.
Jahnavi clearly knows that Diya will never fall in love and least intersted in those dating stuffs.
 ☕ ☕
Crazy it might be, but as Diya was heading towards her home on her 2-wheeler, she had a gut feeling that she might cross Karthik's car. It’s not crazy, as expected, Diya's saw Karthik in the opposite direction. She was able to recognize his car instantly, though she never observed his car in the morning. 
Sometimes, your heart process faster than your brains. When Karthik saw her, he slowed his car down and parked his car on the street.

As Diya walked towards him, she smiled shyly, and she had to remind herself to keep breathing.
"I thought your office is till 8:00" Karthik face split into a wide smile as he asked.
“Huh? I guess, even yours" Diya asked, watching him closely.
"Did you leave early from office so that you have ample time to get for today's dinner?"
"I could say the same to you." Diya said firmly, but a small smile managed to escape her lips.
"Fair enough." Karthik shook his head and smiled.
Diya looked over and said, 'Nice weather.' 
"Yeah, come we'll have a cup of nice, hot tea..." he invited instantly.

They went to a nearby tea shop. It was a general store with a small tea shop and a beautiful garden. As soon as they ordered tea, it started raining slowly but they didn't bother about it.

“We have been travelling in the same road for several years and at times our path could have crossed while going  or coming back from office right?"  he asked while he sipped his tea.
They sipped the remaining cup of tea in silence relishing the moment of comfort and rain.
 ☕ ☕

Empire Restaurant:
A waiter hovered over them, expecting them to order something. They sat facing each other.

"One Chicken Briyani," Karthik said. "And for you Diya?"
"What do you have in veg? Something light?" she asked the waiter and settled for a Plain Dosa, one of the most boring dishes ever.
 “Would you like anything else, sir?" the waiter said to Karthik
"One large whisky, neat." Karthik Said.
"What?" Diya was aghast.
"Ha, Ha, relax. Just kidding" he gave a happy giggle.

Once the waiter walked away with the order, they did not speak even a word, but their silence spoke a lot.

Meanwhile the Chicken Biryani arrived, and Karthik started eating without waiting for Diya.

"Oh Man, This guy is totally ill-mannered, at least for formality, he should have asked whether I would like to taste the dish. Was he so dumb? He even started to eat without waiting for my dish" Diya was talking to herself.

"Hey Never mind. I am feeling damn hungry" he asked while munching the Chicken.
"Did he hear my mind voice?. Whatever, but he is so un-romantic! I am not going to marry this guy…No... never-ever!" She thought for a moment without realising that she has already fallen for him.

On a second thought, Diya thought deeply. In a way, Karthik is himself. He is not acting or giving any sweet pleasantries. For a relationship to be successful in long run, its very much important to be oneself from the starting.  The waiter arrived with the bill and Karthik settled it.

"Can we go for a walk?" Karthik asked spontaneoulsy not wanting her to leave. Diya agreed and they had a long walk cuddled by the night breeze. It was something that they could never forget in their lives.

‘It was nice meeting you today, Karthik,’ Diya said as they reached close to her apartment.
‘The pleasure was all mine.’ 
Diya hand reached the car door handle, but a part of her wanted to stay a little longer. They shook hands and she got off the car. She walked away from Karthik, and it seemed like the world ended abruptly for Karthik. He watched Diya until she reached the house and went up the steps. Even after 10 minutes, when her house light was not lit, Karthik gave a ring to her mobile suspecting something wrong.

“I lost my house keys. It must have fallen from my purse when I opened it up somewhere or I should have left at office." She said in a tensed tone
"Shall we go to your office and check?"
"No.. Its a bad idea"
Okay, don’t panic. Should I come up and break the lock? 
“No, it’s already 11.45. People in the apartment have slept already. I don’t want to create any noise and wake them up” Diya said after thinking for a while.
"Okay, Then come over to my house.. "  

Did Karthik really mean those words?

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