Thursday, July 18, 2019

A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 3

"It's amazing how sometimes we can fall deeply in love with someone in such a short span of time. The strength of a bond between two people doesn't always depend on the amount of time they spend together. Sometimes it can happen in a fraction of a millisecond."

At Deepika's Office..
Deepika was anxiously counting down the seconds. The nerves and confusion she felt made her wonder if she was already in love with Karthik. She decided to leave work early so that she could go to the salon and get her hair and makeup done.

At 5 o'clock in the evening, she went to her colleague as well as best friend Jahnavi and said, "I've sent you my status report, so please gather our team members status and submit it to onsite leadership. I'm leaving the office now."

As Deepika walked, Jahnavi noticed her leaving early and couldn't help but tease her about it. "What’s going on? A person who always shows up on time and never leaves early from the office, has come in late and leaving early today. Something fishy," Their friendship was built on a foundation of mutual respect and deep care that only they could understand, and Deepika felt grateful to have Jahnavi as such an important part of her life.

Deepika snapped, "I have some bank work left from this morning."
Jahnavi shrugged, "Which bank operates after 5? I can't really agree with that excuse."
Deepika rolled her eyes at Jahnavi's lack of enthusiasm. "I'm serious, Jahnavi! I'm dating someone tonight. His name is Karthik," she said, her voice a little softer.
Jahnavi turned back around in her chair, looking at her more closely. "Wait, really? Who's Karthik?" she asked.
"He's this guy my mom found for me. We're supposed to get married, if all goes well. I want to understand him first" Deepika explained.
Jahnavi's eyebrows shot up in surprise. "Wow. I never thought I'd see the day. So, how do you feel about him?"
Deepika hesitated for a moment, then shrugged. "I don't know. We've only talked on the phone a couple of times. But I guess I'm willing to give him a chance."
Jahnavi found it hard to believe Deepika's conversation. 
"Nice try, but I'll stick with the bank excuse," replied before returning to her work. It was clear to Jahnavi that Deepika had no interest in love or dating. 

 ☕ ☕
Deepika's heart skipped a beat when she saw Karthik's car parked on the street. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she should stop and talk to him. But her curiosity got the better of her, and she rode her scooter towards his car. Karthik got out of the car and smiled at her. "What a coincidence! I was just thinking about you," he said. she felt her cheeks turn red as she tried to hide her excitement. 

Deepika's shy smile persisted as she approached Karthik, and she had to remind herself to breathe. "Aren't you supposed to be at the office until 8:00?" Karthik asked with a wide grin. 
Deepika watched him closely and replied, "Aren't you supposed to be there too?" 
"Did you leave early to have more time to get ready for tonight's dinner?" he asked. 
"I could ask you the same thing," Deepika retorted firmly, but a small smile crept onto her face. 
"Fair enough," Karthik chuckled. 
Deepika then remarked, "Lovely weather." 
"Indeed, let's have a cup of nice, hot tea," he invited her instantly.

Deepika smiled at Karthik's question and nodded her head in agreement. She couldn't help but feel grateful for the situation that brought them together in that moment. As they sat there in comfortable silence, watching the weather, Deepika realized that sometimes the most unexpected moments can lead to something wonderful.

They chatted for a few minutes before Karthik had to leave. As she rode back home, Deepika couldn't stop thinking about their chance encounter and wondered if it was a sign of something more.

 ☕ ☕

Empire Restaurant:
As they sat facing each other, a waiter approached their table, waiting patiently for them to make their order. He stood with a ipad ready to take down their request. They both looked up at him, momentarily distracted from their thoughts. The silence between them was palpable, as if it held a hidden meaning that neither of them dared to express. They both felt the weight of the moment, unsure of what to say or do next.

"One Chicken Biryani," Karthik broke the silence and ordered . "And for you, Deepika?"
"What veg options do you have? Something light?" she inquired with the waiter and finally decided on a Plain Dosa. 
One of the most unexciting dishes ever, thought Karthik. 
"Anything else for you, sir?" the waiter asked Karthik.
"One large whiskey, neat," Karthik replied.
"What?" Deepika was taken aback.
"Haha, calm down. I'm just kidding," he chuckled happily.

After the waiter left with their orders, a comfortable silence settled between them, conveying more than words ever could. Soon enough, Karthik's Chicken Biryani arrived, and he immediately dug in without waiting for Deepika

Deepika was fuming inside as she watched Karthik dig into the Chicken Biryani without waiting for her Plain Dosa. She couldn't believe how ill-mannered he was, not even bothering to ask if she wanted to try the dish. "Oh man, this guy is totally clueless," she muttered under her breath, shaking her head in disbelief. But as she sat there lost in thought, she couldn't help but feel a twinge of hunger herself. 
"Hey, never mind. I am feeling damn hungry," Karthik said between bites, completely oblivious to Deepika's inner monologue. She couldn't help but wonder if he could read her mind, but quickly pushed the thought aside. Despite her frustration with his lack of manners and romance, she found herself inexplicably drawn to him.

Deepika pondered for a moment and came to a realization. Karthik was being true to himself and not pretending to be someone he is not. In a way, that was a good thing for a successful long-term relationship. It's important to be authentic from the beginning. As they finished their meal, the waiter arrived with the bill and Karthik paid for it.

Karthik and Deepika had just finished dinner at a cozy restaurant, and as they walked outside, Karthik found himself not wanting the night to end. He mustered up the courage to ask Deepika if they could go for a walk, and to his delight, she agreed.

She urged to hold his hand, but she refrained from doing and enjoyed the cool night breeze and the quietness of the streets. They talked about everything and nothing, and for that moment, it felt like they were the only two people in the world. As they walked, Karthik felt himself falling for Deepika more and more, and he hoped that she felt the same way.

After what felt like hours, they arrived at the entrance of Deepika's apartment building. Reluctantly, Karthik watched as she climbed the steps and disappeared inside. He stood there for a while, wishing that she could stay just a little bit longer.

But then, after a few minutes, he noticed that her apartment light wasn't on yet. Something inside him urged him to call her, to make sure she was okay. So he took out his phone and dialed her number, hoping that everything was alright.

Deepika expressed her worry, "I seem to have misplaced my house keys. It might have slipped out of my purse somewhere or maybe I left them at the office." 
Karthik suggested, "Do you want to go to your office/restaurant and see if they are there?" 
"No, that's not a good idea," Deepika replied, feeling anxious. 
Karthik reassured her, "Don't worry. How about I come over and help you open the lock?" 
Deepika considered for a moment and replied, "It's already late and I don't want to disturb my neighbors by making noise. But thanks for the offer"
Karthik without second thought asked, "Maybe you could come over to my house instead?"

Are Karthik's words genuinely reflective of his thoughts?

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