Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 2

Diya phone kept ringing and ringing...

It was her mother and she kept calling incessantly. Diya mother clearly knows that just because Diya agreed to meet Karthik doesn’t mean she would meet him. So, she wanted to confirm about Diya’s whereabouts. But, Diya had a ground rule—never answer her mother's call in this kind of situation.

Diya was always kind to her parents but when it comes to marriage discussion, she apparently disconnects herself from her family and turns arrogant. On the other hand, Diya's mother had only one purpose in her life. She desperately wanted Diya to get married, but her mother had a tough time dealing with it.

"Was that your mom?" Karthik asked as he got down from the car.
“How did you know” Diya asked, surprised
“Why don’t you tell her that you are on the way to meet me” Karthik said with a smile. His understating about the situation in such a short span amazed Diya.
"Yeah, I am already at Coffee day ma" Diya said irritably as she answered the phone.
Diya was surprised on her decision of meeting Karthik.

"There is still enough time left to elope. Just go in and tell him that you are not interested in this marriage. Tell him that your mom was just concerned about your future and that’s why you decided to meet him" Her mind commanded. She wish Karthik would see the stupidity in her and say no to the marriage.

They walked through the coffee day, smiling at the waiter they came across. They ordered a coffee and sat at the table by the window. For some reason, that particular table always attractive people and it was the first one to be occupied by couples.

Little did they know at that point of time is that, in the next one hour, their life would change entirely. They were not afraid to expose their true selves to each other.

Diya kept bombarding with a flurry of questions for which Karthik answered truly and patiently. They discussed about the family, tough times, amazing stories, their dreams and what not?

The waiter arrived with the coffee and carefully placed it on their table.

"Karthik is charming, he smiled often, cared genuinely and was immensely likable. He is too good for any woman. Trust me, He is such a darling! If I am ready for marriage, I would have hugged, kissed and said yes to him. But Relationships, I tell you, they totally screw you up. They are good at the starting. but as when the days go on. It sucks" Diya thought.
“You don’t have anything to ask?", Diya asked finally.
“What is beauty according to you?” he asked while sipping at his coffee.
“Confidence and Character” she said confidently.

Karthik smiled and he was happy. The bill arrived, and he did not let her pay. He liked spending time with her and for the first time in his life, he felt like a breath of fresh air.

Karthik dropped her at her office. Before she could get down from the car, Diya said, “Thank you for the coffee and I need few more months to say my decision. Until then, lets remove all these bride, alliance pressure from our mind. Lets be good friends and open to each other.  And in case, if this relationship is not working out, no hard feelings okay?"
She continued, “I mean 99.99% let’s hope this relationship ends in a positive note. But if 0.01% doesn’t work out, let’s be good friends.” 
“Yeah yeah… Agreed. You don’t have to decide it right away. Take your time" Karthik said and added, “Diya, What’s the dinner plan? Would you like to join me for dinner to-night?”
Diya agreed, smiling at Karthik.

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