Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 2

Deepika phone kept ringing and ringing...

It was her mother and she kept calling incessantly. Deepika mother clearly knows that just because she agreed to meet Karthik doesn’t mean she would meet him. So, she wanted to confirm about Deepika's whereabouts. But, Deepika had a ground rule—never answer her mother's call in this kind of situation.

Deepika was always kind to her parents but when it comes to marriage discussion, she apparently disconnects herself from her family and turns arrogant. On the other hand, her mother had only one purpose in her life. She desperately wanted Deepika to get married, but her mother had a tough time dealing with it.

They reached the popular coffee shop in the heart of the city. 
Karthik stepped out of the car and asked, "Was that your mom?" 
Surprised, Deepika replied, "How did you know?" 
Karthik smiled and said, "Why don't you tell her that you are on the way to meet me?" 
Deepika was amazed by how quickly he understood her situation.
As her phone rang again, Deepika answered it irritably, "Yeah, I am already at Coffee Day, ma." 

Deepika was surprised by her decision to meet Karthik. "What am I doing here? Run Baby Run" her mind commanded. 
"Fine, I should just tell him that I'm not interested in this marriage and go." Deepika thought herself, feeling unsure about her decision to meet Karthik. She wished he would see how silly she is and call off the marriage.

As they walked through Coffee Day, Deepika couldn't help but feel anxious. They ordered a coffee and they sat at a table by the window. It was a popular spot for couples and always seemed to attract people. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, and the sound of chatter and laughter from other people created a lively atmosphere.

Little did they know that in the next hour, their lives would change completely. They talked openly and honestly, not afraid to expose their true selves to each other. Deepika bombarded Karthik with a flurry of questions, and he answered patiently and truthfully. They talked about their families, their hardships, their amazing stories, their dreams, and much more. The conversation flowed easily, and they found they had a lot in common. They both loved music, movies, and travelling. They even shared a passion for helping others and volunteering in their spare time.

The waiter brought their coffee, and as they sipped, Karthik's charm and genuine care made him immensely likable to Deepika. She thought to herself, "Karthik is charming, he smiled often, cared genuinely. He is too good for any woman. Trust me, He is such a darling! If I am ready for marriage, I would have hugged, kissed and said yes to him. But relationships start out good but eventually suck." 
Finally, Karthik asked what beauty meant to her, and she replied confidently that it was about confidence and character.

When the bill arrvied, Karthik insisted on not letting Deepika pay, and they headed to her office. Before getting out of the car, Deepika expressed her need for a few more months to make her decision in this marriage proposal. She suggested they remove the pressure of being bride and groom from their minds and just be good friends who were open to each other. Karthik agreed, and they even joked that if their relationship didn't work out, they could still be good friends.

Deepika continued, “I mean 99.99% let’s hope this relationship ends in a positive note. But if 0.01% doesn’t work out, let’s be good friends.” 
“Yeah yeah… Agreed. You don’t have to decide it right away. Take your time" Karthik said and added, “Depika, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” Karthik asked with a smile.
Deepika agreed, smiling at Karthik.

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