Saturday, December 14, 2019

3 heroes in my life

A woman success largely depends on the men in her life and marriage plays a vital role. Her life drastically changes either for the good or for the bad based on life partner choice. Choosing the right partner is crucial in order to keep soul peaceful and career moving forward.

My dad, my partner for thirty years is always my first hero. In this blog, I am going to mention my other 2 heroes.

A woman goes through lot of physical and emotional changes during the pregnancy period. It’s the time she realizes how blessed to have a man in her life and her marriage decision is right.

This post is not to broadcast how blessed I am to the world, but I write this for 2 major reason.

  • One, I have met woman who says men don’t provide genuine support or understand them. Even I was under that perception before marriage. So, this post is an eye-opener for them to convey that there are men in the world who really love, care their wife and respect woman. We just need to find them, since they are extremely rare. 
  • If you are a man reading this, I believe it would encourage when their wife is pregnant. Dear men, it will be difficult to find your wife’s anxiety and insecurities, but the support you provide during this phase will be cherished forever.  

Okay. Let’s jump to the crux of the article.

When I was pregnant, I had lot of fear about labor and self-doubt but when a real man is with you those anticipation can turn into optimism. My partner really had faith in me and still believes that I could write a great book, make good movies and above all raise our kids in a great way.

I was thinking that I am one of the blessed ones since I was not experiencing any nausea during the initial few days, but as soon as the second month started, I threw up spontaneously everything I ate and drank. Every single time, he held my head while I puked and cleaned them.

And he is a man who really loved me and never once ask me to cook him dinner during the entire pregnancy process. Whenever, I suffered from heartburn, he provided juice and during my food carvings, he prepared food irrespective of the time.

Since I could rarely see my own feet and bending over to cut my nails was challenging, he helped in chopping my nails. He never felt different in reaching my legs to cut my nails or to tie my shoes.

He made sure I never miss my maternity appointments and he prioritized my appointments over his office works.

He always arranged pillows to make me comfort during the backpain and provided hot pack massages to reduce my back pain.

Due to hormone changes, it is said that a woman could not control their emotions. Though my hormones were kind enough and fortunately I never had major violent outbursts. (But yes, my partner should comment whether I had violent outburst or not ๐Ÿ˜Š), But, I did weep for no reasons and become cranky. He accepted my strange behavior. He constantly reassured me that I was normal, and that I was his greatest gift of all.

We do fight, but those fights and anger always melts down with his sense of humor and we just sit back and laugh at the chaos and most important we forget immediately.

Being an active runner, he stopped running when I got pregnant and was gaining weight matching to mine. Whenever I ask, he would say, “I am gaining weight so that you don’t feel guilt about your weight gain” I did not actually believe his words, but after my delivery he is back on his track and run every day. Now I release he was true. This is the best thing and no men will do.

I respect him so much that when I came out of the labor I wanted to see him first and he was there waiting for me. My pregnancy days would have not been so joyful without his support.

Dear partner, I am the luckiest girl in the world to have met you and made the best decision of marrying you. I thank you for trusting me enough. I will never forget your support and kindness and I thank you every day when I see our son. You are my safe place and I love you dearly

Did I mention 3 heroes in my life? Yes, another hero is my SON. 


  1. May God bless you dear with the same happiness till the end...

  2. May God bless you dear with the same happiness till the end...

  3. Awesome writeup sis๐Ÿ˜( actually its awesome karthik anna๐Ÿ˜œ )