Thursday, December 16, 2021

Varisi - A Promising Romantic Thriller

 Varisi A Promising Romantic Thriller 

Director: Karthik Doss

Cast: Karthik Doss, Sapna Das, Krishnakumar Lakshman, Avis Manoj, Madhumitha, Balaji Rajashekar, Anupama Kumar. 

Of all the genres, I personally feel a thriller is the most difficult genres. It must keep the audience hooked without a predictable framework, have a romantic track along with a generous dose of laughter and songs to add flavor to the soul of the film. And yes, all these flavors without compromising the quality of performance and visuals. 

Karthik Doss’s ‘Varisi’ is an impressive debut film with a mix of laughs, emotions, romance, tech-savvy, mature love, suspense with a social message. It conveys a message that in any kind of worst situation women must stay strong and must move on in life.

The story starts with Arjun(Karthik Doss) along with his friends who is leading an extremely happy life with his 20-year candy Love Akshaya(Sapna Das). Krishnakumar Lakshman is a determined CBI officer and is set to investigate a recent crime that happened in Chennai. There is another person Ganesh who is always on Facebook and what he does mostly is create fake female profile and chats with them. Things take a turn when that strange incident happens and how these three different stories blend at a point.

Refreshingly, when Arjun find the rapist, he does not involve in physical fighting. Rather, along with the help of his friends, he does lot of strategic thinking, uses solid technology and brain work to take revenge. The most perceptive scenes are the conversation between Arjun and the rapist / The rapist and Akshaya. Sensitive portion handle perfectly.

The soundtrack of Varisi has Five tracks and has a good mix of melody, ramp, kuthu and killer tune.  

  • Neethane En Kadhale sung by Yazin Nizar & Vandana Srinivasan is strong sense of melody and will blow the mind with its mesmerizing tune. Trust me, this song is too infectious with an eye-catching visuals.
  • "Venpani Salayil" sung by Sathayaprakash creates a vibe and stays in our heart. 
  • Seenu's Assaulta, a fast pasted energetic kuthu number comes with an eye-catchy back grounds and a Signature step.
  • The wacky "Mayo" beats by Kavya Ajit is refreshing peppy etched to evoke a feeling of joy.
  • Varisi title track by Seenu gives justice to the movie theme with its heavy beats.

The VFX(Visual effects) team did a great job in Revenge sequence and used flawlessly to convey the technology vision right before our eyes with a great quality. The GPS Tracking, IoT-Door Security sensor is authentically created with top-notch VFX works.

An important takeaway from Varisi film is the verdict for the rape cases. Do the convict

Hanged to death?
or murdered ?
or should they live the lives in peace ?
or should be punished by law/people ?
or we ignore them and we live with an own guilt?

None of the above is given to the convict in this movie. Watch the Varisi movie to know, how the punishment to the rapist was provided by |~actually/Not actually~|? fitting into the boundaries of the law. Does Arjun takes revenge cleverly and escape from the hands of the law? Watch the promising film, Varisi that holds the grip of viewers and the space to keep audience hooked till the end.

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