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Reena was distraught. It seemed unbelievable that she too had succumbed to this rat race of life. The consequences had been dire: a marriage that had broken even before the profundity of those three magical words, I Love You could sink in. 

Touch of Mist is a glitzy, modern-day love story of two young, sophisticated, IT professionals, Gautham and Reena, who meet by chance, sparks ignite and they fall head over heels in love with each other. They tie the knot and start a new life. But no sooner do they do that that fights erupt and egos clash. The first casualty is love, which plummets and marriage turns miserable; break-up beckons and the relationship dies. 

Aftermath. Does Reena commit suicide or fall in love with another person? Does she reconcile with her first love Gautham? This story meanders through different emotions that touch the lives of the protagonists such as love, friendship, marriage, heartbreak, grief, anticipation, humour, disgust, joy, fear and ends with a heart-warming credo that Life is to Live .

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Touch of Mist Teaser


Touch of Mist Book Review by Nitesh Jain


Touch of Mist Book Review by Nachi

It was my second book this year; fortunate to read this book very early after publication.  It is also my second book of a female author following Preeti Shenoy's "Life is what you make it". I expect a good love story with intriguing scenes; well, I am not disappointed.

It is an easy read; It has nearly 200 pages where I finished in 3 hours. The book contain main two characters; Reena and Gautham, two IT employees fall in love with each other. Their parents open heatedly accepts their marriage. They soon got married and lived happily ever after. 

Touch of Mist by Deepika Muthusamy

I know what are you asking, No problem at all? Is this a fairy tale ? Humans always have problem, don't they? Yes, they do. Their problem is themselves. Gautham behaves completely like a man where Reena does like a woman. They share their opinion which leads to argument which leads to fight; then they got separated, they missed each other, finally they reconcile. Interestingly, It was not happened once. Through out the book, it happened 4 or 5 times but not in one scene you feel like bored. We can easily imagine their lives with ours.

The other two main characters is Gautam's dad and his friend Kishore both giving relationship advises. Others are just passing clouds. Overall, it is an awesome work by an debutant author Deepika Muthusamy. She has a long road to go. I never felt like reading a female author book. She matched superbly with male thoughts through out the book.


  • Gautham's character is lovely; he is the matured, soft nature guy that ever woman needed in their lives. But at the end he turns completely like Reena.
  • Reena's has a mixed character; She is very matured, innocent and at times foolish and helpless. Her character develops well after her suicide attempt. I want to thank Deepika for that, how many female authors giving less importance to female character.
  • Kishore's character is a great relief because the first phase of the book has only Reena and Gautam. It's good to have the third guy; he was good in advise. He does that through out the book.
  • Gautam's dad has less dialogues but his character is a remembered one. 
  • Scooter drenched scene, Cricket stadium scene, Walk at the night scene, Proposal scenes, earth quake scene, Gautam and Reena's fight are the best scenes in it.

  •  Gautam and Reena's fight was interesting at first. But they keep doing that through out the book obviously for different reasons which makes a slight discomfort. 
  • Reena became a social activist and got famous towards the end. It was really filmy.
  • Honestly, no love making scene in a love story but has two or three romantic scenes.
Overall, a good read worth for your time.  - 

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  1. It was nice to meet you at the Bangalore meet, Deepika. Least did I know then that you've authored a book as well. As a matter of fact, I am a book reviewer and ironically I have missed an opportunity to interact with the first author I've met. Good wishes for Touch of Mist and all your future publishings.

    1. Thank you so much Nandhini,..It was my pleasure as well to meet you in the Indiblogger meet.... Thank you so much for the wishes :) :)

  2. kudos to my proud author deepi

  3. Is this book available in Tamil?