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Trekking to Narasimha Parvatha and Kudlu Teertha

Trekking to Narasimha Parvatha and Kudlu Teertha

Distance from Bangalore: 362 Kms
Trek difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult
  • Day 1 :
    • To Reach Narasimha Parvata
      • Route -  From Malandur to Peak (13 kms). 
      • On the way halt at BARKANA FALLS. 
  • Day 2 – 
    • Reach Kigga 
      • From Narasimha Parvata to Kigga (6 kms)
    • Sirimane Falls
    • Kudlu Theertha Falls 
    • Shringeri Sharadamba Temple
Day before the trek:
This trip was absolutely an unplanned one for myself. Since it was a wild card entry I did not arrange sleeping mat/sleeping bag/Raincoat/Poncho.
Two day trek in dense Rain forest without any planning?
My “I can” attitude pushed forward and we all gathered at Shantala Silk House. Luckily one person had both Sleeping mat and sleeping bag, with sense of relaxation I adopted (grabbed) the sleeping mat and took care of it so much as if it was my child. Our TT started around 10 PM and after chit-chat we went to sleep.

Day 1:
Around 4 AM we are asked to get down from TT as the vehicle tyre got puncture. Luckily it stopped in front of a tea-stop. Grabbing tea, we shared our previous trekking experience. We realized Nisha was missing and started to scan. Then we found her sleeping into an Auto which was parked in an auto stand. The TT resumed after the tyre fix. Aftermath, we did not sleep for a while. Because the road view was too good.

After 3 hours, we reached an ancient house in DODDAMANE. The famous Malgudi Days serial was filmed in this place. After fresh up, breakfast we packed our lunch and went to the guide’s house. Since, the guide was almost late for 2 hours, we started exploring the paddy fields and started playing cards. The guide’s wife treated us with tea.

Finally the guide arrived and after applying tobacco oil to protect us from leeches, we headed towards Narasimha Parvatha.

It was extremely dense forest with loose soils and leeches. On the way, we came to know its heart of naxalite area. But no such signs. Within 5 minutes of walk, I started to notice a leech crawling on my shoe. Scared by the huge Google images of Leeches, I stopped walking and tried to pull it out. But One, 2, three,.. … uncountable leeches started crawling all over me.  Getting them off was also difficult. I was so panic and started running to escape from them. Some one said it’s not a vampire, ignore it.. but I do read, Leeches drink 10 times of its own blood.:( I don’t want to donate such huge liters.
As soon as I saw the water stream I went in, removed my shoes and shocks. There were around 15 leeches crawling in the socks. I got vexed and threw my socks and changed to slippers and started hiking to Barkana falls

Barkana Falls

The view from Bankana fall was panoramic. The far end of the falls was extraordinary. It made me to forget my feet which was full of blood streams and leeches. After having lunch in the waterfalls, we stared back. The trek route was difficult. There were no proper trails. Almost 13 kms walk, It was little weary and started to longing for the old house that was constructed in the top of the peak. Its has been told that room was made by forest officials for Naxialite operations. Not sure how far it is true. Finally after drenching completely in rain and few minutes of walk, we reached the peak.

We were informed that “The old room was Very neat and clean” But it was full of water and filthy. The roof of the house was broken due to which rain has entered the house. We did not carry tents. Now we were not having any place to sleep. But we pulled up hope and decided to rejuvenate the house.

Few of the memorable moments at the peak.

  • With branches of tree leaves we made a broom and poured the water out. 
  • Re-Engineering - We requested one person to climb on the top of the house and re-engineered the house roof. 
  • Sharing - We were not having cups, yet we prepared delicious soup and shared. (By emptying the noodles cup and used it as a soup cup)
  • Candle light - Situation game. 
  • Ready made MTR's 
Finally we all slept. I was not having sleeping mat and was unable to sleep due to the bone chilling cold. Luckily I had a sweater, but it was sleeveless. But as the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way." I put my hands inside the sleeve, but still it was ice cold. 

Day 2:
Sirimane Falls:
The next day morning, we woke up early to see the sun rise. But It was misty and could not see the sun rise. After hunting all the snacks we had, we started getting down. The trek route was visible and it was pretty easy to get down?

We thought of visiting Sirimane Falls which was just 5 kms from Kigga. Though the waterfalls was beautiful, we were unable to enjoy as it was crowded with people. We saw people polluting the water by playing with color powder. Though we did not enjoy much in the water falls, we enjoyed the food items that was available in the waterfalls. Cucumber and orange with chilly… bajjis.. hmm . Lip-smacking.Then we packed the lunch and started to trek to falls.

Kudlu Theertha Falls:
After crossing the delicate burma bridge, we walked around 4 Kms. The track was super. I was so happy and started admiring the beauty of think forest. After crossing a water stream, again we trekked around 4 kms. But after that the real trek started. The huge forest begun with huge slippery rocks and soil, broken branches of trees and LEECHES. But this time, my attitude towards Leeches changed. I did not bother much about it.

Finally we reached the falls. Water gushing between two steep hills from a height of about 300 feet was an enormous and enriching view that took away the tiredness of walking and leech bites. My mind started playing Dheem Thana Na song from Rythm movie. At that moment, I fell in love with Nature.
It was getting dark, and we started descending. It was completely rainy when we are descending.
Finally we reached our vehicle and started grabbing the foods, since we did not have from the morning.
On the way, we visited a famous temple and returned back


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