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Saturday Series - Interview with Ramesh Tehlani

Saturday Series - Interview with Ramesh Tehlani

It’s time to meet another debut author and learn from their successful publishing journey. Here, we go an interesting interview with Ramesh Tehlani, who believes, "Focus, smartness, proper marketing, management & quality of work are the key to success"

What inspired you to write ?

Every day is new day and world is changing very fast. It gives us opportunity to see very interesting things, circumstances and stories. These stories can motivate and entertain others, but not all. So, I decided to share such personal experiences and stories, which gave me motivation and entertainment. I wanted to share my thoughts. Objectives of entertainment, motivation and sharing of my thoughts with people inspire me to write this piece of fiction.
What was the hardest part about completing your book? 

First hard part was to keep suspense in the story till the end with entertainment. 
Another hard part was Editing. I believe my English is not well, so getting editing done was very tough task for me but luckily I found some people, who helped me to get over this challenge. 

Did you learn any lessons in the book creation process, if so what where they? 

I learnt many life-changing lessons. First is, I learn the story telling. I learnt to enjoy hard work with great objective in mind. I learnt to express my honest feelings, without fear of critics. Writing book and getting it publish is not less than like any NASA mission for people like me. It took me 4 years to complete the manuscript and get it publishable.

What tips or advice do you have for aspiring authors? 

My tip to new authors is to knock as many doors as possible. Getting publish is a long journey. If you are dreaming for being published writer, fight for your dream.

Are you writing or planning to write an additional book(s)? 

Yes. I will surely write in future.

What else would you like to share about you or your book - She Fell(Fail) in Love.. Once Again..

About me, I am very straightforward and aggressive person. I love to follow my dreams.  Mission of my life is to help and give smile to people. Book is based on my real life experiences and learning about ethics, spirituality, corporate politics. This book is my effort to entertain people.

How can people find out more about your book - She Fell(Fail) in Love.. Once Again..

Book is available on leading websites like,, etc. and soon it will be available on kobo, diesel and various book channel distributors.
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On a typical weekend, what do you do?

Nothing special. I am businessman and run a real estate company. So I used to work 7 days in week. Whenever get opportunity and spare time, I like to watch new movies.

Lessons learned in your life?

Honesty and hard work pays but with focus, smartness, proper marketing, management & quality of work.

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