Saturday, December 7, 2013

Haunted Gift box

Haunted Gift box 
I woke to the buzz of alarm and rolled over the bed to find my mobile.
"85 Missed calls...
35 Messages..."
My mobile screen revealed.
“Must be Navin,” I opened up the messages and my guess was right.

"Aathmika..Please pick my call"
"Sweetie..Sorry.. Forgive me :( "
"Love you Aathmika.. XOXO"
"I won’t drink moving forward. I swear Aathmika darling" 

I read the message one by one and remembered the silly fight we had last night. All I could remember was we kept arguing on some stupid topic and the heat of conversation hit the peak. I shouted at him with anger, put the phone in silent mode and went to sleep.

I smiled on seeing all the message, instantly my rage on Navin getting reduced to zero. I went to brush my teeth and came out immediately on hearing doorbell.
There was no one there, but I found a box beside the slipper stand.
‘I was surprised to see a parcel with my name on it.’


Rima was experiencing the paranormal activity from past one week…
From the time the cute Barbie doll arrived her home...
Every day when Rima woke up in the morning she would observe the furniture misplaced. ..
Books, magazine and newspaper in the living room was scattered...
Mirror, Coffee cups shattered...
At night, the lights would go off and on at odd time...
She would hear mischievous sound of scampering footsteps..
Sometimes she could even feel, someone standing right next to her...and when she turns to notice.. it would be NONE...
"Rima" she heard a strange female voice calling out the name.......
she turned back and observed Barbie doll on the bed... She realised that it must be the victim.
She snatched the Barbie and threw it out the window and into the street.

Navin woke up and checked his mobile screen. No message or calls from Aathmika.
"What an egoistic girl. From night I am calling her.. No reply to my calls. And message. This is my limit. I am not going to convince her anymore" he thought to himself but ended up typing, "Darling... still angry? Love you.. muuuaah" he sent to Aathmika and went out of his house to get newspaper. On the way, he saw Barbie doll, lying on the floor. It was new and cute. He thought gifting it would make his girlfriend cool. He wrapped it and sent it to Aathmika house.

"Hey Navin Barbie doll is so cute" I was talking to Navin on call after seeing the gift.
"I went to Archies before the shop was open and brought especially for my sweetheart" Navin replied.
“Hey Navin wait.. I am getting a second call...” I said and noticed the number...
 it was from

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  1. I hope reading works wonder for you. Merging of three characters with a doll was nice. It was a good start of many more, expecting always :)

  2. Good try Deepika, keep writing more and more.. try all genre .. romance .. thriller etc., all the best :-)

  3. no wonder you published a book....

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