Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Women love to kiss a shaven man

“Varun, your attitudes towards facial hair shows you are conservative. I don’t want my team member to appear as a slacker in front of client visit. A clean-shaven face is must. I hate your unclean stubble,” my manager screeched 10th time and left the conference room.
 “So, Varun are you going to come in ‘squeaky clean' avatar tomorrow” Deepthi asked curiously.
“Nah.” I replied her.
My manager opened the door and warned again, “if you come with sloppy image tomorrow, I am going to chuck you”
“You know some facts? Women are more likely to kiss a shaven man,” Deepthi added.
“Hah. Actually, girls find unshaven men sexy” I replied.
“Not all. 90% of girls finds shaven look as hot. So, come with a clean look” Deepthi said and left the room.

MY passport, driving license, PAN everywhere my photo identity are with beard look. Why the ****, I should shave? I love this scruffy style. It was my identity for past 4 years. I wonder why these corporate world frowns down on facial hair. But, I don’t have any other option other than coming in shaven look. Because, I need to deliver a presentation in front of clients tomorrow.


Next day @ office, 
The picture used above is just for (???  ). No Violence :P No Offence against simbu

“Wow, welcome my chocolate boy” everybody was stunned and welcomed with a warm smile and shock.
No wonder, my clean shaven look bowled my team mates!


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