Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My beautiful food with Borosil

My beautiful food with Borosil 

Food flavors better when it looks all adorable and when severed with Borosil products. This year I had a pleasant surprise by my friend for my birthday. The living room was arranged with tulips and pear blossoms and the room was Lightened up with elegantly designed diya. Roses were placed in swirl tumblers allover the dinning table.

The cookies were decorated like a melting snowman with marshmallows and the chocolate donuts were pretzels to simulate reindeer. Chocolates were melted in microwave and cooled to 90°F.

The cake was covered with a  bright color of fondant like pink and red and rolled out into long ropes to create rainbow like waves that can surround the various layers of the cake.

And Finally got a memorable gift - Sandwich Maker

This post is a contest entry, sponsored by Borosil with association to Indiblogger.

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