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Good hygiene and sanitation can affect India at large!

Good hygiene and Sanitation can affect India at large!!!

October 2nd 2014:
"As part of his Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi nominates nine Indians to begin the Clean India campaign." It was the hot topic in all the Television channels and my happiness drove to sky, imagining a good hygiene and clean India.

However, Rajinikanth was upset with Modi, as he was not nominated by him. As everybody knows, in a cricket match when 36 runs are needed in the last ball, Rajini hit the ball so hard that it broke down into six pieces each scoring six. This means, Rajini can do everything. He was also upset that the Swachh Bharat mission was accomplished with the vision of 'Clean India' to complete only by 2nd October 2019. The mission was targeted to complete by 2019, since its 150th birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Though it had its own significance, Rajini wants to clean India right away. He took a deep breath, gust air from the lungs with a cool embouchure. That’s it. All the dust, unhygienic was thrown out and a clean India was achieved.

Suddenly, water flashed on my face and my mom ordered me to wake up from sleep.

Was it a dream? Disappointment shielded my face and eyes ducked up the flash news again. Reality struck my mind. Clean India cannot be achieved only by one person or in a day. Each and every citizen need to contribute towards it. Of course, those 9 Nominated prominent leads will put their 100% efforts. But, to make it a huge success, Collaboration is must. We should join hands with them and at-least take a baby step towards it.

New Year is round the corner, and let’s make it a New Year resolution.
This year, 2015, “Personal Hygiene is my first priority” crave it to your heart.  If a person, gives importance and take steps to clean her/him first, his house will be automatically cleaned, which will result in clean society. There by Clean India. 
How can we contribute from our End?

1. Hygiene begins at Home:
Kids are the future of our country. It’s our responsibility to teach them the value of personal hygiene right from childhood. In-fact, Kids have more neurons which helps in new connection. This helps them to learn new things incredibly fast. So, anything thought in the childhood, will stay with them forever. Schools should come forward and contribute towards it. Like Academic Excellence, Punctuality Award and Regular Attendance Award, a special award named "Cleanliness Award" has to be introduced in all schools and motive children’s towards it. Like Maths, Science, General Knowledge, a new subject "Personal Hygiene" has to be included in the curriculum in all schools with the syllabus like Diet, Nutrition, Fitness, Child Care, Oral Care, Grooming Routines and so on. Encourage them to cut the nails regularly.

 2. Personal Hygiene has to start from home.
Cleanliness is next to god. A very good hygienic house creates a positive mood and positive energy. Bathroom and Kitchen are the most used area and it also the area which would cause infection more. Since it’s a place where the disposed vegetables, are stored more. Wash the dishes every day; don’t sink it for long time. Wash the dishes once before you cook. Wash the toilet every day and Close the toilet lid and flush it since the fecal may fly into the air. Wash your clothes, bed sheets regularly. Wash your towel to avoid dandruff. Garbage collection needs to be recycled then and there. 

3. Choosing the right clothes:
Dress right to the season. Wear cotton clothes during summer season. Cotton absorbs sweat and it avoids rashes that are caused due to dry fit clothes. Tight and wet Clothes lead to infections and allergies. 

4. Prevention is better than cure. 
People should be educated on all Immunization vaccines. Corporate, schools, colleges and government office should regularly conduct Immunization camp. 

5. Avoid Mosquito repellent and use Mosquito net:
Poor sanitation are the good news for mosquitos, they easily spread dangerous diseases. Try to use mosquito net instead of repellent.

6. Contamination of water:
During rainy days, water may be contaminated by throwing away water bottles, plastics covers in lakes, beaches will pollute the water and in turn affect the health of the animals living inside the water.
People living in city Municipal water and it has to be cleaned frequently.  Relay on cisterns and private wells. Drinking un-contaminated water may lead to nausea vomiting and diarrhea.
Clean your water tank regularly

With increasing lifestyle change, people are having food outside at-least once in a day. The hotel utensils and plates are not washed properly and it was placed in the sink most of the time. sometimes, whole night. Most of the hotel kitchen is very pathetic. Rats, Lizards stay in those environment.  Have your ever wondered, why do we get food poison, when we have food outside our home

2 weeks before, 4 infants dead at neo-natal intensive care unit of government hospital. All the dead infants were between 2 to 25 days old and their mothers were in their early 20s, but were fragile and severely malnourished, claimed doctors.
Government hospitals are the worst: statistics back the grim reality. The highest number of newborn deaths — 1,072 of 14,699 live births — was recorded in Vanivilas Hospital.

According to them, 8 out of 10 children in Ghana do not have access to basic toilets, this it noted go alongside unsafe drinking water and a lack of hygiene services, contributes to three of the main killers of children: under nutrition, pneumonia and diarrhoea.

63,000 child deaths in Ghana since 2000 due to lack of toilets, overflowing sewage, open drains and generally foul-smelling environments.

Throwing bottles and plastics on roads. Everyone knows it’s wrong, but people do it for fun or laziness.
 Naran a young, very stylish and funky guy was waiting for his girlfriend in the bus stop. He has groomed well to impress his girlfriend.  He was busy listening to songs, shaking his heads to the rhythm of the music. He took out a  chewing gum and started grinding it to kill the time. 
The taste of the chewing gum had gone after few minutes and he was about to spit in on road. A voice from within popped up and asked a question. "Don’t you feel ashamed to spit it on road.!? You are educated." 
“It’s just for fun yaar. What the big deal” He replied to the inner voice and spit it on the road.

After a hour of wait, Nisha came and halted her scooty in front of him. Nisha has to pick him in her New scooty and take him for a date. That was the plan. on seeing her, his excitement rose to the peak and he did not witness the cow dung lying on the floor. He stamped on it and all he could see was Nisha weird expression on seeing his dirty shoes with Cow Dung. She requested not to come in scooty as it would spoil her new scooty and drove off. He felt a cow crossing him and saying,"“It’s just for fun yaar" 

It is rightly said, “What goes, comes around.” 

Like Naran, we knowingly or unknowingly doing all nasty things. If you are spoiling your surroundings, it means that you are digging yourself for a graveyard. You are contributing for welcoming new unknown disease.
So, let’s pledge today that. Even if I am not contributing towards clean India, at least I will not spoil my mother nation. It’s my mother land, I love it as much as I love my mom.

And Finally, as SRK says in Chennai Express, "Dont underestimate the power of a common man". 
We can do it!
We have the power to change!!
We can bring miracles!!!

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  6. Enjoyed the first part of your post. The second part has covered all the important steps to be taken for cleanliness and hygiene to be achieved at the national level. Good blog post. Keep it up Deepika.

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