Saturday, October 18, 2014

Beyond Boundaries With Dheepan

“No, as an artist, you have to be free to explore all the corners of your heart. There are no boundaries.” – Dierks Bentley

As a part of BlogAdda's Beyond Boundaries Competition, I got an opportunity to collaborate with a Blogger Dheepan who is residing at Boston, USA and pursuing his MBA at Babson college. 

Here is his answer when I asked him, "How the world has changed with people getting to know different cultures from different countries"

Blogger Answer : Because of culture awareness, People are able to progress fast in both professional and business aspects. Eg: Most multinational companies is able to launch products or services tailored to a particular market without much difficulty.

Question: Share a historical perspective about how travelers like Vasco da Gama, Hieun Tsang used to explore new places and facilitated exchange of cultures and what is the present scenario.

Blogger Answer : Those people must be compared to the scientists these days who are exploring other planets such as Mars for human occupancy. It's very similar. I wouldn't say those explorations have stopped. Man has always wanted to cross frontiers and he will continue to do so. 

Question: Blog about examples of how people are collaborating with people from different places and building amazing products and services.

Blogger Answer : People are able to do that because now there is a huge awareness of the success stories such as Apple and Microsoft . They want to replicate it .so they are going after this.

Question: How has technology and blogging helped people explore and meet new people beyond boundaries and learn new things in the process.

Blogger Answer :Technology such as Google Hangouts, Cisco Tele presence are able to facilitate collaboration across different customer segments.  Great ideas are born only through fusion of ideas and today's world is able to facilitate that better.

Thanks Dheepan for agreeing to the Interview. 

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