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Beyond Boundaries with Author Mehek Bassi

This post is a part of “Beyond Boundaries” at in association with INK 2014.

As a part of Blogadda' Beyond Boundaries contest, I interacted with an Author, Blogger, Philanthropist, Relationship Adviser and Nail Artist "Mehek Bassi" who Lives in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

1. How the world has changed with people getting to know different cultures from different countries?

World has undoubtedly changed a lot, as we all have majorly adopted western culture in our dressing. Now we are aware of our rights, we get inspired from movements taking place abroad, we get to know about the norms followed in different cultures, the right and the wrong things. We get to fight against injustice on a global level, which was a tough job earlier.

2. Share a historical perspective about how travellers like Vasco da Gama, Hieun Tsang used to explore new places and facilitated exchange of cultures and what is the present scenario.?

Travellers like Vasco da Gama or Hieun Tsang majorly focused on finances and improving trade and business. The scenario is pretty much the same today as mostly people move from one nation to another for jobs or setting up business. Exploration lead to improved financial conditions and flow of money, which lead to establishment of one global criteria on which we measure a country’s economy, what we call – US Dollar now. Presently, the world is connected via internet, and everyday business deals occur, e-commerce websites make millions of dollars each day by selling and buying products online. What happened manually earlier, is happening technically now. Better thing is, that we all are Vasco-da-Gamas’ of our generation! We all explore internet everyday and find something new worth sharing with the world…

3. Blog about examples of how people are collaborating with people from different places and building amazing products and services.

People around world are different and so is their demand. Thus, the supply has to be adequate in order to cater to the needs of millions. The Asian market is certainly different from the American one and so the American app developers need to contact someone from Asia in order to understand their requirements. Example – if an e-commerce website has to sell socks, it has to make larger sizes for American or African people, while they will be too-large for Asians considering the average foot size of the people there, so they need to reduce their sizes. This way, global collaboration is a necessity in order to set up a business in the global market!

4. How has technology and blogging helped people explore and meet new people beyond boundaries and learn new things in the process.

Technology lead to blogging and blogging helped us all have a glance into someone else’s house. We can call it a friendly glance, which helped us know about their culture, their festivals, their clothing, their food, and the things which were otherwise limited to a group of people. This way, we could learn a lot from each other. Example - Indian homeopathic and ayurvedic treatments and home remedies were unknown to entire world earlier, but now, anyone can surf YouTube and get to know about the free remedies available for different problems! It has revolutionized both medicine and commerce on a large scale.

5. How you blog and perception of blogging in your respective countries.

I have a website – – on which I post short stories. Some fictional and some non-fictional. In my country, blogging is the most popular method to share your views about anything and everything. It’s like everyone owning a personal channel! College students are advised to upload the information about their live projects on their respective blogs. Blogging acted as a revolution, especially for students who not only shared information, but also rose against injustice a lot of times just by writing an article. That is the power of words!

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This post is a part of “Beyond Boundaries” at in association with INK 2014.

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