Thursday, April 2, 2015

ekavach review

ekavach review

Its summer holidays and my sister's kids are at home. Summer is a spoilsport not because of hot weather, but due to the sweet torture I encounter offline and online. Offline and online!?

Offline: I have to play cricket with the kids, though dog-tired (only Bowling no batting) 
Online Mode: Have to surrender my mobile :( , so as to play games.

Though I change my security code as to stop the kids from accessing my phone, they observe my finger movements from far and captures my phone security pattern.
No wonder, Kids are smart! smarter!! smartest!!!

Most of the things they do, The Good and the Bad are out of curiosity.Those kids are not sure whether it's bad or good, all they know is Go, GRAB, EXPLORE!!!
Its parents responsibility to teach the kids, what is right and wrong.  We can nurture, teach them all morals and values and protect them in the offline world. What about online world? Its very much mandatory these days to monitor their activity.
"I trust my kids. I don't have to spy".  Was that your answer?
You don't have to be a sleuth and spy every online movement. But its important to be extra-cautious about cyber-bullying and your child getting access to inappropriate content.

Familiar with these words??? 
How to monitor and protect them in online world. Here comes the EKAVACH application.

Its an application that lets you to monitor the children online world. It is very simply application that comes with Step-by-Step Instruction manuals with graphic representations and videos.

eKAVACH Features:

ekavach features
ekavach features

Internet Filtering & Safe Search:
Sometimes, the Google results with annoying results which you must have not intended to search for. For example, I wanted to search "How to be proactive" But as soon as I type, "How to " below is the result I got.

Google Search :( 
The ad's that get displayed on the side bar are another freaking head ache. I wish an application could be launched to block all these non-sense ads.

This application makes sure results the child get are appropriate and do not contain any adult content. Parents can even block un-wanted sites (please don't block my blog :P ) and set appropriate time limits for internet usage. In case of any violation by child, parents get instant notification about the same

Easy to setup & Superior protection:
Go to Play-store and search for "eKAVACH Parental Control App" or click here to download the parent app on the parent's device.

Home Screen
Login Page

STEP 2 :
Go to Play-store and search for "eKAVACH Parental Control Child" or click here to download the Child app on the child's device and complete the registration.
Successful Message after registration. 

Add Mom as well to monitor

Internet dashboard

Site Filtering..  
Block based on Timings.. 

Ekavach Settings.. 


Social Media Monitoring:
Whether the world population will touch 8 billion or not, the count of Social media websites will cross thousands. With ever increasing social websites everyday, its not possible to track their time and activities in social media applications. By the time you create an account in Facebook, Google+, Twitter to monitor their activity, a new social media will be launched. Its not possible for parents to create an account in each social media an track their entry. This app helps to monitor the child's all online social activity. It will give you the information about their friends, what types of content they’re sharing and what time they were active.

Real-Time Alerts:
Parents get to know about the child's search and activity instantly.

Application Management
Parents gets instant alerts about the application they install and the usage.

Gift your child:
This application has an inbuilt link to online stores like Flipkart and Mycity4Kids. Parents can gift the child with the toys and clothes and pamper their sweethearts.


  1. Single user-id for the entire family. 
  2. Father and Mother can monitor the usage separately. 
  3. Graphics and Graphs
  4. Instant notifications.

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