Monday, October 26, 2015

Daughter Mother Relationship

The easiest thing in the world is to hurt your mom and the hardest thing in the universe is saying sorry to your mom. There is no doubt; Mom is the only soul who loves us from the bottom of the heart without any expectation. But, we always take her for granted. We always blame them for most of our problems. We blame our mom for not gifting a wonderful past. We blame our mom for not offering the compassion we expected. We hate our mom for getting angry and yelling at us for our mistakes. We hate our mom, when she gives opinion,when she sets rules and controls our life.  

"Throw her out of the house, scold her and show all your hostility, she will never fail to love you back."

Yesterday, I had a bad argument with my mom that led to harsh exchange of words. Pretty sad, Isn’t it? Must say, my mom was quite. But she was extremely stressful and upset for not understanding her love.

If I look back, she offered me the best food, top class clothes(even though she had none), money when I needed. Above all a lap that I needed when I was down.

But, being a cruel human being I just saw her flaws. I just got angry at her for not offering me what I want. I got angry for not letting me to do what I wish. I got angry at her for not encouraging me in my achievements. I was not matured enough to understand that she just lacked basic encouraging skills. I was not ready to accept the fact, "what ever it is, she loves me at the end." 

Sound familiar isn’t it? We always look at the things that our mom does not offer us. Though I knew she offered me all the basic necessities of life like education, wonderful shelter, love, nursing, food, I just looked at what she did not give. It’s the human nature.  If you often get mad at your mom/dad, it’s time to pause and read below.
  •  If your mom is hurting you, remember she is not doing it willingly. She too has stressful days, demanding boss, jealously relatives that she needs to dealt with.
  • Not letting you to fulfill her wish? Putting so much of rules? setting up lot of expectations and annoying you? Demanding you to wake up early and do house works? That’s how she was raised by her parents. She was preached by her mother that a women child needs to be fostered that way. She is trying her best to show all the love under the earth with the knowledge and experience she has. 
  • They are human like us, which meant that they too have flaws and will make mistake. Just count how many mistakes we commit in a day.
  • See that little innocent child within her. After the age 50, parents are dependent child. Expecting just love and time from her child. 
  •  Learn to accept our parents as they are. It will open new door of happiness.
  • If she sets an expectation which in turn annoy you, getting angry is not the solution. Just explain her with facts and confidence. She will be happy to accept it. 
A mother always expect her daughter to be a best friend. Lets try our best not to hurt our mom.


  1. எல்லா வீட்டிலும் நடக்க கூடியது ஆனால் தவிா்க்க முடியாத ஒன்று ஆனால் அந்த கோபம் வாக்குவாதம் சிறிது நேரத்திற்கு மட்டும்

    1. We never realize the pain we cause to parents during the fight... so we should cautiously take a decision of not hurting them....

  2. NYC one deep.. Enum neraiya iruku.. ☺ mom s great..

  3. Another heart touching real experience of every humans . Happiness and anger both been only shared and shown with our lovable ones and that first person who toleartes our anger and join our happiness is our mom. This post makes everyone feel what they did and what they doing and as u say we shud realize that our mom too becoming a child and when we were child we done many mischief activities and all that been handled smoothly by our mom with tolerance. But we are now not having tolerance towards their small mistakes. We are giving the most non bearable pain to our mom when we born at least we shyd give happiness to them till they live .

    1. Very true.. Its not that we lost that tolerance... We tolerate with friends. Because we have a fear that we may lost them. .. when it comes to mom, we know that, she will never stop loving us and That's the reason we take her for granted :(

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  5. Very true Deepika.I too was a very troublesome kid when I was in my teens. I used to wonder why my mother was so sensitive and why she took my comments personally. But now, when my four year old daughter shouts at me, I cannot even tolerate that, let alone an 18 year old teenager.
    I regret each fights I had with her but surprisingly, I still fight with her for menial matters. May be because I am so used to taking her for granted

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Rakhi...

  6. Really touchy.. 😊 it happens quite often and we don't think from our mom perspective. It's good..

  7. Hi! It is so true. A mother and daughter’s relationship is very special. A mother is one who understands her children more than anyone else and never complains. My salute to every loving and caring mother in the world!