Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Real Togetherness

The “Kissanpur Discovering Real Togetherness” ad, an incident that happened recently flashed my mind.
It was my dream to start an agriculture farm at my home. Unfortunately, due to time and work pressure, I could not take any good step towards it. Then, there came up a turning point thought. I decided to plant at least one sapling for my birthday. I planted a Bamboo sapling for my birthday. With proper maintenance, the bamboo tree is now healthy and that one sapling was now divided into seven to eight trees now. My family members were inspired by this event.
Every year, for my parent’s and nephew’s birthday I never miss to gift something. For my parents, it would be some dress materials. Whereas for my nephew it would be toys.
This year I wanted to try something new that would bring my parents as well as my nephew and my sister family together. What would be the best gift?
Of course, I could gift them some travel package. But again it was bundled with lot of challenges like holidays, travel planning, and huge budget and so on. Then finally while watering my bamboo tree, a good thought struck my mind. I decided to plant a sapling for everyone’s birthday on a specific date.
On saying this news, everybody was as motivated. My sister son, who was just seven years old jumped in joy on hearing this news.
"Am I going to plant a sapling? That sounds cool" He roared out in joy.
"I wish to plant a tree that gives tasty fruits" replied my sister.
“I will choose Neem. It has so many good medical benefits” replied my mom.
Then we bought 7 saplings. Neem for my mother, Banyan for me, Mango sapling and Pongamia sapling for my 2 nephew, ficus for my brother in law. My dad picked mango tree and my sister chose Jack fruit sapling as she stressed on fruit trees.

Right from discussing the place and selecting the trees to plant we had a lot of fun and good time. My nephew and I were new to planting. Hence, my dad helped us step by step for planting. Right from digging the soil, putting fertilizer, placing the sapling, we had fun.
While digging the soil, few of my neighbors saw, got excited and joined us. We took a print of our names and hanged it to the sapling to encourage other people.
Now, we have a tough competition. Yes, we have a tough competition on whose tree will grow faster. Every day, we have lots of fun while watering it. When the sun comes, we rush to build a roof for the sapling to protect it from the over heat. This is new kind of joy that I never experience in my life. My nephew says the same. My parents too feel the same. My sister and brother-in-law share the same.

This incident thought me joy is 'Real Togetherness' 

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