Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Letter by heart


Heart  ,
Right side,


The person whom I care the most.

Dear Deepika. How are you? Like every mother who cares and knows her child, I am mindful about you. At Present, you are happy. Sleeping till 10 in the morning, tasting all relishing foods like Pizza, burger, ice-cream, Paani Poori..etc. But, I must say
You are at risk.!
No, I am at risk.!!
Its not you or I, WE are at RISK!!! 
I can’t function without you and vice-versa.

I envy on body. Because, you are taking good care of it and absolutely ignoring me.

You are spending lot of time in applying face pack to get glow and spend lots of money in beauty parlor. Can I request you to take care of me? I am not asking you to cut down your beauty expense. But kindly invest some money for health as well. Grab a gym membership and do some work out. In turn, I will take care of your body as well. Please priorities spending on your health and fitness and not beauty.

Inner Beauty is a must to stay healthy. Inner beauty, I am mentioning here is is ME i.e HEART!!

Kindness makes your heart beauty.

Protection makes your hearth healthy.

So, kindly protect mE!!!

When stressed out, don’t sit to watch movie or serials. I know you have a pet at home, go play with it. Take the pet for walk.   Caressing the dog reduces stress and relax the mind.

When you are a child, your dad induced you to save money. He took you to the bank when he deposit money and thought you the value of money. Did you over learned that concept? And, that the reasons you depositing fat in your body bank?

Facebook and what’s app is not the necessary apps that needs to be installed on your smart phone. There are lots of apps designed for improving me. The app allows you to monitor your workouts and daily progress.. I am sure those apps give your enough motivation during the tough times.

The good part about me and the major risk heart disease are it does not develop in a day. It develops slowly over several years giving few symptoms. Example, no one will become fat in a day. We do give symptoms like dress getting tighter, but you ignored saying the dress shrink.

Like everyone, I know you wish to stay young and healthy. So, please take letter seriously and protect your heart.

I suggest you to take the Weight-Heart Test at - (a #ProtectHerHeart initiative) and take the necessary step towards a healthy heart with Saffolalife

With Love,
Your Heart.    

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  1. Pizza, burger, ice-cream, Paani Poori..etc. /// hope that etc extends to some more junks. Hope this is not fiction it's truth revealed :P

    1. Indha kadaiyil Varum Sambavangal Anaithum Karpanaiyae !!!