Monday, December 17, 2018

My First Love Story

Manushi Chhillar
“Wow, She Is Beautiful,” Karthik said looking at the picture of Manushi Chhillar, an Indian model and the winner of the Miss World 2017.

I am wondering, what made him to think Manushi Chhillar is beautiful. I wanted him to feel that I am the most beautiful person in the world. I never felt such jealousy before. I sucked my thumb and got engrossed in the past. Yes, Whenever I am tensed or happy or in any emotional mind set, I have a weird habit of sucking my thumb.

Hmmm, Let's get back to my love story. We fell in love even before we met. He likes talking to me and do the things I love. Those night walks, tenderness, laughs... those were so natural and passionate. But now, how could he say some other lady looks beautiful?

Am I nagging him more and that’s the reason he has given up on me? or Does these new responsibilities make him go through an emotional roller-coaster and make him forget that I am beautiful?


I heard a scream and I came back to reality

Oh. No, Did I hit the woman so hard?

Karthik rushed over to help the woman.

For the next few hours, all I could feel was tubes, monitors, stretcher and a group of nurses juggling to and fro. The woman was suffering from pain, intense pain. I could hear her screaming.

Morning, turned into afternoon...

The doctors struggled hard to save her. Anxiety consumed me. I want the woman to be safe. The struggle continued for another 3 hours and she was about to faint. One of the nurse approached her and said, "Don’t give up!. one last time please".

She had no energy left and I felt scared. I could realize that the doctors seemed worried. I want to save the woman at-least and I didn’t mind losing my life. I pulled all my courage and with full force, I triggered out and the doctor caught me.

The doctor allowed me to lie on the woman chest for a while and I cried for the first time. With little strength she had, she held my hand. In all that, I did not miss to observe the smile on the woman face. On seeing me, she got the energy and determination to get better.

The next second, I got transferred to Karthik’s arms. My skin touched him for the first time and I looked into his eyes. His hands brushed my tiny sensitive hands. I knew he had fallen in love the moment I looked him. It was like a magical moment. I knew he had waited for this moment for 9 months. Tears welled up in Karthik's eyes. My dad, with tears in his eyes whispered into the woman's ear,  "My life is complete now"

"Wow, my child! You look so beautiful, just like your mom,” Karthik said, touching my face.


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