Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ordinary Vs Extraordinary People

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Hanging out Vs Building Relationship:
Ordinary people love to gossip. They spend most of their time discussing about other’s life. They are more focused on short-term pleasure of hanging out with people and having fun.

Extra ordinary people also spend time with people, but they focus more on building relationships. They love to spend their time discussing about their passion, dreams and they always carry a vision for a better tomorrow.

Spend Vs Investment:
Ordinary people are more concerned on self-identity. They invest lot of time in buying things, branded cloths to impress others.

Extraordinary people are not concerned on the self-identity. But those self identity are automatically created. They spend most of their time and energy in creative fields, improving their talents. They know the difference between spending time and investing time.

Pleasure Vs Pain:
Ordinary people always wanted pleasure and fun. They are more concerned about feeling good at that moment. They don’t look at long-term result.
Extraordinary People Vs Ordinary people

Extraordinary people always look at the big picture. They always carry a fire and never look into the short-term pain. They always work towards their better tomorrow.

Fun Vs Knowledge:
Ordinary people spend most of time in games, serial, movies and restaurant which don’t lead any value to them.

Extraordinary people spend their time in books and videos to gain knowledge. They always look for valuable conference in the city and make their presence and time to attend the seminar.

Luck Vs Hard work:
Ordinary people believe success is based purely on luck and hence they never put effort in trying something new. They always find 1000 reasons why it failed and why it will go wrong. Ordinary people will not have a plan or a goal.

Extraordinary people believe in sacrifice, hard work and focus. They will have a clear short-term goal and a long-term goal. They know what they want to be in the next year, next 5 year, next 10 years.

Follow Vs Leader:
Ordinary people follow others. If everyone joins Engineering, they will join Engineering too. If Everyone says, that Modi government is bad, they acknowledge it.

Extra Ordinary people create their own path and make others follow them. They are not scared to choose a new path and fail.

Live to Eat Vs Eat to Live:
Ordinary people don’t care about their health. They love to eat junk, sleep till 11 in the morning and waste their night in smart phone and movies.

Extra Ordinary people value their time a lot. They sleep early and wake up early. For them health comes first.



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