Friday, August 2, 2019

A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 5

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It’s was beautiful day, with bright sun and a gentle breeze.

Diya pretended as if nothing had happened the previous night and followed her usual office routine. She ignored the missed calls and messages from Karthik. A few hours into the day, she made herself believe that marriage is not going to work out. She took up more work to divert her mind, but she found herself getting easily distracted thinking about Karthik.

"I am fine, I am fine. I will be fine" She kept telling herself without realizing that her colleagues could hear her voice. The second she realized Jahnavi had listened, she kept quiet. She went to cafeteria to grab a coffee. She thought she was successful in pretending that everything was okay with her, but Jahnavi could sense something was wrong with her.

Jahnavi followed her to the cafeteria and sat down on the other side of the chair, facing Diya. Diya shared what had happened with Karthik.

Jahnavi put the question straight, "Do you love him?"
Diya Whispered, "Yes. I mean No..”

Jahnavi moved closer to Diya and wrapped her arm around her. Diya immediately rested her head against Jahnavi.

In Diya’s plan for her life, she hadn’t even dreamed about falling in love. She was afraid that love would hurt her. She was more protective about herself, hence she had turned all her energies towards herself. When Karthik came into her life, she wasn’t prepared to be a couple. Love and caring another person should be effortless. Though its effortless when it comes to Karthik, she was scared to fall in love with him.

“Jahnavi, I have feelings for him. It was something I never felt before, for anyone. This was not love, something else, something deeper, more than love.”
“Then go for it. What’s stopping you” Jahnavi exclaimed.

Diya didn’t say a word, but just held Jahnavi‘s eyes.

“Diya.. You don’t understand it, you always wanted to prove that love never existed, and you believe there is much more to do in life than falling in love and getting married. And to prove that you are now ignoring the beautiful things that is right in front of you. Trust me, if you don’t value it, it will be gone and when it’s gone for ever you will hate yourself for the rest of your life” Jahnavi sounded more serious.

There was a lot of truth in what Jahnavi had said. If she says no to him now, then Karthik would be gone for ever from her life.

“But, what if it ends in a broken relationship. I just see broken, unhappy marriages around my friend’s circle. Relationship is always painful. They are good only at the beginning. Even in novel and movies, love stories don’t hit a bang these days. Gone are the days where true love exist. Our generation completely needs different things. They are not ready for commitments, neither love…"

Jahnavi cut her off and said, “Stop your stupid philosophy or trust or whatever crap. True love happens only once, and the second time is always a compromise.”
"Spare me with the forward quotes, please.."
"Okay. Listen. Trust him. If you try, you will find a thousand reasons not to be with him. But to be with him, there is only reason you need. That’s love. And I could sense that feeling from your eyes. And from the way you talk about him and feel for him, I could feel that he loves you so much. You can’t let him go. Please. I get that you are scared for a new beginning but get over it. Stop it before it’s too late.’

Diya was quiet for a long time because, it was too late now…

Before she came to cafeteria Diya had already dropped a message to Karthik ending her relationship with him. This was the message she sent:

“Hello Karthik, you deserve so much more in life. You are a wonderful and kind person and you deserve good things in life. I am not saying this, because I decided to break up with you.  But I am sure that any woman would be very happy and lucky to be with you. Take Care”

To which Karthik never replied…

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