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A lot can happen over a coffee : Chapter 6 (From a Simple Cup of Coffee to a Lifelong Love Story: Our Journey Together)~ The END

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From a Simple Cup of Coffee to a Lifelong Love Story: Our Journey Together

Friday Evening, As the sun set, rain began to pour from the clouds. Deepika usually loved the rain and felt energized by it, but today it was different. Despite the fresh scent of the soil, she felt sad and anxious. She had sent a message to Karthik ending their relationship, but he had not yet replied. She knew it was silly to expect an immediate response, but the waiting was making her restless. Feeling a sense of emptiness, she called her father while watching the rain through the window. On hearing his voice, she realized she wanted to see him in person. 

Without hesitation, she decided to spend the weekend with her parents in Coimbatore. It was just a one-night journey from Bangalore, so she quickly packed her bags and headed to the bus stop. However, she was unable to get a last-minute bus ticket, so she waited there, hoping to find an available seat on some bus.

As she waited, a car pulled up in front of her, and she looked through the passenger window to see that it was Karthik.
"Deepika!" he exclaimed happily. Deepika was surprised to see him acting normal after everything that had happened. "Hi," she replied in a more subdued tone. Karthik then asked if she was traveling to Coimbatore, and offered her a ride, joking that she could pay him at the end of the trip as if she were using Bla Bla car. 

Without waiting for her response, he opened the car door for her. She couldn't miss the chance to go on a long ride with someone she liked, so she quickly took the seat beside him. The rain had intensified, but being next to Karthik made her able to enjoy it even more. She no longer felt restless and hollow.

However, after a few minutes of driving, Karthik stopped the car in front of another girl and suggested they take her along to Coimbatore to share the cost of the fuel. Deepika was taken aback and covered Karthik's mouth with her hand, urging him to keep driving. She pretended as if she hadn't sent any message, but it was difficult for her to conceal her true feelings when Karthik was acting so normally. Finally, she mustered up the courage to broach the subject, but found it difficult to speak.

As they drove, she couldn't help but steal glances at Karthik. He seemed so calm and collected, as if nothing had happened between them. She was still struggling to find the right words to bring up the topic of their break-up but finally, she managed to speak up. "Regarding the message I sent... I am.. I meant to…”  Her words trailed off as she struggled to find the right words.

However, to her surprise, Karthik laughed and reassured her, "Hah, I never pay attention to any of that nonsense. I knew you will come back."

Confused and curious, Deepika asked, "How do you know?"

Karthik chuckled and replied, "Because of the high probability ratio."

As Deepika still looked puzzled.

"I mean, there is a 99.99% chance that our relationship ends in a positive note. But if that 0.01% chance doesn't work out, let's still be good friends and no hard feelings." As Karthik mimicked the exact dialog that her's that was said on their first meeting, she broke into laughter and watched him talk enthusiastically. In that moment, all she could think about was how perfect it would be to spend the rest of her life sitting next to him.

As they reached the outskirts of the city, Deepika mustered up the courage to speak. "Karthik, about the message I sent you earlier... I just want you to know that I didn't mean any of it. I was confused and scared, and I didn't know what else to do."

They spent the next few minutes in a comfortable silence. Deep down, she knew that Karthik was the right person for her.
“I’m afraid that this relationship might fail and that love will fade away with time,” Deepika said, her eyes not leaving Karthik’s face for a second.

“See, you’re too young to decide that. You can’t give up hope. You need to give me a chance. Deepika, you’re beautiful from within and confident,” Karthik said, his voice becoming softer towards the end.

When Deepika fell silent, Karthik continued, “I think you’re exactly the person I need in my life, and I’m pretty sure that you like me too.” He continued, “I still see the sparkle in your eyes.”

Their minds were buzzing with how quickly they had become comfortable with each other. It was  already 4:40 am when they finally arrived at Deepika's house. The roads were still wet from the rain, and the moonlight made them shine. The car was filled with a romantic scent, and Deepika couldn't bring herself to leave. She unbuckled her seatbelt and turned to Karthik, falling sideways onto his shoulder and clutching his hand. He pushed her hair back and gently patted her face as they shared a deep heart-to-heart connection that lasted for a long time.

“What if your father sees us like this? It might seem a bit dramatic,” Karthik asked, looking at Deepika who was resting on his shoulder.

“Let him see. It'll make him happy,” she replied with a smile.

Despite the potential awkwardness, Deepika knew that her father would be overjoyed to see her with Karthik. She trusted that their relationship would eventually be accepted by her family. 
Karthik smiled at her response, feeling reassured by her confidence. He couldn't help but think about how lucky he was to have met someone like Deepika.
"May I request a leave?" she inquired.
"That's all? I don't get anything," he asked, his face falling.
Deepika turned back towards him, "What?"
"Nothing," he said, hiding a smile.
She got down from car, carefully opened the gate, attempting to minimize the noise. Once inside, she turned back to wave goodbye to Karthik. However, when he didn't drive away, she waved her hand again, urging him to leave.

A few months later,
they got married in a beautiful temple surrounded by their friends and family. Their love for each other grew stronger with each passing day and they were grateful for the chance that they took on each other.

Years later, as they sat on a hill station and reminiscing about their journey, Deepika looked at Karthik and said, "You were right, Karthik. Love doesn't fade away with time, it only grows stronger."

Karthik smiled and held her hand, "I always knew that we were meant to be together, Deepika. And I will continue to love you till the end of time."

Finally, They lived every happily ever..


Having a companion in life is something that we all desire. It's natural to want a partner with whom we can share our happiness, have fun, and discuss anything. But it's important to not rush into choosing a person.

Reasons such as your junior getting married, feeling like you're getting old, your parents being aged, or societal pressure should not be the driving force behind getting married. Waiting for the right person is crucial because you'll be spending the rest of your life with them. These external factors won't make you happy if you're not with the right person.

It's important to have patience and trust that the right person will come along at the right time. Being in a successful and happy relationship doesn't mean that everything was perfect from the beginning to the end. There will be moments where we might feel hate towards our partner, but it's important to let go of those negative incidents and focus on the positive aspects of the relationship. Life becomes more peaceful and colorful when we do so.

Remember, a marriage is not just about falling in love, but also committing to a lifetime of togetherness. Don't rush into a marriage just because you feel pressured by society or age. It's better to wait for the right person who is a good fit for you rather than settling for someone who doesn't make you happy. When you do find your better half at the right time, the commitment and falling in love will come naturally and effortlessly.
~ The END~

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