Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hello Baby - My Birth Story

Story about the birth of my son...

A few days have passed since our beautiful Kutty Thangam arrived and I’ve been eagerly waiting to getting my birth story down on my blog.

So Here it goes.. 
That Butterfly Moment:πŸ¦‹
On Jan 3rd 2019, I confirmed my pregnancy through HCG.

Happy Motherhood:πŸ˜€πŸ€°
During Mid of March, while searching for a pregnancy class in Bangalore, I came across Happy Motherhood website. Since it was in Chennai, I registered my number and forgot.

Then I came across Anandhi Mam’s Sugamana Payanangal series (which was part of Putham Puthu Kaalai). They were so positive and motivating. I become a fan of Anandhi man. At that point, I was not aware that Anandhi Mam is the founder of HM.

One fine day, I got a call from HM Admin and she explained about the Skype program. My concern was since everything is explained in Sugamana Payanangal series, will these skype program different. The admin explained how the classes are different and I enrolled for skype Elite session since it was convenient.

πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ That Wow Moment:πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚ 
My due date is on September 9th, 2019. I was so confident and mentally prepared to handle the pain for Normal delivery. Every day walking, exercise, adequate amniotic fluid, No GD, No complaints and when baby head also got fixed during 37th week I was hoping for a normal delivery.

10:30 AM:
On August 28th, we went for regular checkup. My doctor examined me and due to medical reasons, she explained C-section is better and said not to risk by inducing pain for normal delivery. After consulting with other doctors, she suggested to get admit on the same day. My hubby politely listened to all my vent outs and finally said, "I need you and baby safe, rest all comes second”. He gave confidence to accept for c-section.

When I was making up my mind for C-section, another shock came. The Main reason for choosing my hospital was they let husband to be in the delivery room. But the doctor said, they can’t let my husband inside the operation theater, since people get panic on seeing the operation procedure and would faint. So, I had to handle all alone now.

We decided to go for C-section around 7:45 PM and my hospital room got allocated. We informed our parents through phone and they were on the way to the hospital. Since, the operation is at 7:45 PM and ample time left, I requested my husband to have lunch and come.

I didn't think of pre-procedure's and once he went out, the nurse started the procedure for operation. I have Trypanophobia and the thought of being alone made me so weak. First time, when the nurse injected needle into my vein, my hands got bulged and blood started to flow heavily. They had to inject second time.I felt so alone, helpless at that point of time and I wasn’t in control of the tears.

This is not the way I wanted to handle my labor. After that, I brought courage and decided to stay positive, cheerful and strong.

7:00 PM:

They brought wheel chair to shift me to OT but I was ready to walk. Meanwhile, my parents arrived. I smiled cheerfully and bid them bye.

Now, my only fear was to face the injection, that would be injected to Spinal Cord. When I saw anesthesiologist I got scared, but he was too friendly. The anesthesiologist gave injection to the spinal, since I was panic it was not successful. They removed and injected second time. Honestly, it did not pain at all. It felt like a bee sting and now I was confident to handle the injection. When they injected second time I just felt little pain and from tummy to feet I felt numb. My eyes blindfolded and then everything happened at warp speed. The doctors kept talking to me during the operation and I was having friendly conversation with them during the surgery. Around 7.47 PM, I heard a baby’s chirp and my first expression was “WOW”. The doctor said, “it’s a B...O...Y… Boy"

1. I strongly visualized that I will be handling the pregnancy gracefully and will be enjoying my labor with a smile on my face and my labor will be too short. Apart from initial hiccups, I handled it gracefully.
2. My baby to be healthy and always smiling. And he is.
3. Since my husband birthday is on Sep 9th and due is also on Sep 9th, I wanted my baby to be delivered on Sep 9th. But deep in my heart I always visualized, my baby should be delivered on an extremely good date and time. He was born on a very good date and it was Shivaratri as well.
4. My husband should stay with me during my Labor Day.  He was about to leave Bangalore on Monday night, but what a miracle he extended his leave till Wednesday and he took me to the hospital. (As per the initial plan, my parents were about to take me to the hospital.)

My Wonderful Experience with HM!🎁
During my pregnancy period, I always wanted to be happy and energetic. Some days, when I feel so low, I used to listen to Ananthi mam's videos. Those brought my energy back. Improving my diet, focusing on proper sleep, along with walking and exercise simultaneously helped to me stay energetic throughout my pregnancy period.

I thoroughly enjoyed all activities, specifically the July month activities that includes Reading, Walking, Creative Corner and Colorful Plate.  Initially I thought it might be a pressure on myself, if I concentrate on all those 4 activities along with the regular Elite challenges. But I gave a try and was able to do all of them for 30 days and was the winner. The Elite daily challenge kept me alive and I am sort of words to explain how much I enjoyed it. HM made me to explore my hidden interest and talents.

When people around me of all age group, ask me don’t u feel tired at all? I felt happy. I think it's because of the all 4 pillars followed.

My suggestions for Expecting Mothers:
❤ I would recommend new expecting mommies to start the course as soon as possible, so that we can start adopting the activities. Because it took 2 months to get on the schedule and by the end of 3 months, I was able to do all Elite activities ease.
❤Be Strong
The next day, I saw another delivery experience at the hospital who was stubborn for normal delivery and it went critical. So, understand the situation, severity and trust the doctors and act wisely.  Be strong, accept the situation. At the end, every thing happens for our good and all we need is a healthy baby. πŸ‘Ά

A Big Thank you
πŸ™Thank you is not enough. But a sincere gratitude to my hubby Karthik who was always there and took care like my mother and father. Without him, I might have not handled my pregnancy period so gracefully
πŸ™Thank you Anandhi mam and Anitha mam. Doing something that kept me busy always and doing what I love with the HM positive members surrounded is a memorable experience.
πŸ™My Special thanks to Anju, Annapurna, Anshita, Deepa, Deepthi, Jayamani, Jeevitha, Karthika, Lakshmi, Lilly, Nirmala, Poornima, Ramya, Saran, Thaya, Yogambal. You angel’s always appreciated other’s work and indeed it was a super boost.
πŸ™Special Thanks to all Elite members, you have constantly appreciated each other’s work.

Activities followed:
Proper diet and protein intake everyday- 3 to 5 different colors of food, eating more veggies and spinach, dry fruits, nuts and fruits consumption everyday, Mind games, Word games, Sudoku and Math puzzles, Left hand writing, Reading books - Spiritual and fictional, Listening to music - Chant music and favorites, Breathing exercises, Everyday visualization, baby journal and audio, frequent communication with babies, maintaining a happy and positive state of mind, being physically active - Walking, Kegels and exercises (Followed throughout except during 6th and 7th month wherein I was advised rest), Life with Nature - Walk in moonlight, Bird watching, Sunset watching, listening to bird sounds, Keen observation of surroundings, Creativity - Drawing, Black and White artefacts prepared and decorated in room

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