Monday, March 16, 2020

C section Huh!?

C Section Huh!?

C section, huh? This would be the default question that would be thrown either with sympathy or shock when a pregnant woman undergoes Cesarean to deliver the babies.

This one question is more than enough to make her feel guilty or embarrassed.

Rather than enjoying the bliss of motherhood, she feels dejected.

If you are woman who were keen for a “natural” childbirth and when it ends with a C-section, it can be painful and killing. But remember, those scars are not the marks of your inability. Don’t ever feel guilt for not having a natural birth. Those scars are your medal of Victory. 

Be confident and trust that it was the best thing to do. You have taken such a bold step in accepting C-section instead of putting the baby or yourself in jeopardy, Hats off to your courage and the smart decision.

C-section, means bed-rest for months. Its a Myth. After a C-section, the doctor encourages you to get up and walk around. They teach mild exercise and provide a safe exercise plans that can be continued after the surgery. The people who had a major bypass surgery, starts to feel normal the next day. Why cant we? You have battled such a war for 40 Week pregnancy. Above all, On seeing the Baby’s face, you will get that will power and will be normal in a few days.

Every woman enters the ward with a heart set out for Natural Childbirth. You never knew, the fifty-hour labor pain she underwent or the necessity of an emergency C-section, or any scarring story. So, Visitors or friends, stop commenting on her birth journey and never ever undermine woman or the doctors.

Dear Mothers, A delivery that results in a healthy mother and baby is a gift from God, no matter how that delivery was achieved. Happy Parenting!!! 

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