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Discovering the Unexpected: A Memorable Unplanned Trip to Coorg

Journey to Coorg's Beauty:
Starting our day with a refreshing cup of tea  ☕💻✨ #EarlyMorningTea

We continued our journey, with the hope of reaching Coorg in 20 Kms. We lost network connectivity and were completely reliant on our instincts and locals to reach our destination. After crossing 30 kms, we finally reached a point where we could get some network connectivity. We searched for the location of Coorg and realized that we were still 80 kilometers away from the main point of Coorg. However, we were determined to make it there as it was just a 1 hour 30 minutes drive.

We set out on our journey once again and were greeted with a breathtaking view via Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary. The lush greenery and the stunning road views made the long journey worthwhile.

After driving 80 kilometers, we reached the location that the map showed us as Coorg. But to our surprise, it was just a forest! We soon realized that we had reached the Coorg district, but to explore the places, we needed to go to Madikeri Town.

We searched on all the travel websites, but couldn't find a single hotel to stay. We realized that it was already 3 pm and hadn't yet found a good restaurant to eat.  

After deep diving for Coorg Cuisine Restaurant on Google reviews and reaching the recommended spot for lunch, we found it to be extremely crowded and didn't have the time to wait any longer as it was already 3.45 pm. As we were parking the car, a friendly local recommended that the hype around Coorg cuisine was overrated and suggested we try the Paris Restaurant instead. We gorged on the delicious food, and our spirits were lifted. With renewed energy, we set out to explore the rooms for the stay. 

Unplanned and Unforgettable: A Tale of Finding a HomeStay in a Forest in Coorg:

We managed to book Ananya Greens Resort through However, our plans hit a snag when we received a call from the hotel manager informing us that no rooms were available and the availability as showing due to a technical issue. We were stuck in a difficult situation, as it was peak season, and we had nowhere else to go.

Desperate for a place to stay, we requested the manager Pranav to help us out and give us a room at any cost. Thankfully, he referred us to another person Sandeep who could help us out.

Meanwhile, we started walking on foot, going road by road, street by street checking all the hotels in the vicinity for availability. We must have called over 30 hotels, but all in vain. We were running out of options and had almost given up hope.

However, our luck changed when we received a call from Sandeep. It was a Homestay inside a forest with coffee estate located far from the city, but at that point, we were willing to take whatever we could get. The location was so secluded that it wasn't even displayed on the maps, but we decided to take a chance and check it out.

Our host had instructed us to come near the Kodagu Institute of Medical Sciences and follow his route to the homestay. Little did we know that our destination was located at the end of the forest, surrounded by mountains and mist, coffee plantations, and beautiful landscapes

As we arrived, we were struck by the beauty of the place. We were completely surrounded by nature, and it felt like a paradise.

In the evening, our host took us to a private waterfall, which was exclusively for us. It was just my husband, son, nature and me, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there. The beauty of the waterfall was breathtaking, and we felt like we were in a fairytale. 

We returned to our homestay for dinner, and it was fantastic - unlimited food, and the flavors were exquisite. We were pleasantly surprised when we met another family at dinner, and they turned out to be very social. We instantly became good friends with Ambika and her family, and our kids hit it off as well. Our son, Hethvick, had a great time playing with their kids. Occasionally, they would hit the football, and it would roll into the forest. In the dark, they searched for the ball, and it added to the adventure. Including Hethvick we all had stayed up late, chatting and playing games until midnight. 

Experience at Dubare Elephant Camp:

Next day, Monday, We woke up to a beautiful misty morning.

We had planned to visit the Dubare Elephant Camp (Open Timings: 9 am to 11:30am) and were excited to see the majestic animals up close. However, as we arrived at the camp, we found it to be extremely crowded. Due to the shortage of water, boating was canceled, and we had to cross the river to reach the camp.

We soon realized that we were not going to be able to bathe the elephants as planned. The line to do so was incredibly long, and by the time we got there, it was already too late.

We decided to explore the camp and feed the elephants instead. We spoke to  mahouts and Hethvick got the opportunity to feed an elephant, and it was an incredible experience for him.

After lunch, We bid goodbye to our Ambika and family, hoping to meet them again soon.

On our way back to Bangalore, we encountered heavy rain and traffic. However, we were delighted to see a beautiful rainbow, which made the journey more enjoyable.

With memories we returned back.

Sometimes, it's good to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature.

Our unplanned trip had turned out to be an unforgettable experience. We learned that even when things don't go according to plan, there's always a way out. All you need is a little bit of luck and the willingness to take a chance.

Sometimes, the best experiences come from unexpected situations.

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  1. It's been more than twelve years since myself had a family trip to Coorg alongwith my mother, wife and two children (then very small). Your post has refreshed my sweet memories. Such travelogues always energize the readers. Coming across the unexpected is the beauty of life. And you have narrated your trip quite nicely. Hearty thanks.

  2. What a wonderful trip you had. We had also visited the Coorg area many years ago and your post makes me want to go back.