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The Unseen Tears of a Working Mother

Juggling and Struggling #MomLifeBalancingAct

In the wacky world of software, people have this funny notion that women working there live in a world of luxury. They imagine us attending fancy parties every Friday, enjoying a lavish lifestyle and living in luxurious apartments with a majestic lake view and a sky-high spectacle of the city. But behind the glamorous image, beneath the expensive clothes and polished appearances, there is a different reality—a story of hardship, sacrifice, and tears that often goes untold.

In the midst of an important meeting, a tiny voice echoes within our ears. A voice that belongs to our precious child, pleading with urgency, "Mommy, I need to go potty." The pull of responsibility, tears our souls forcing us to choose between fulfilling our professional commitments and answering the call of our offspring.

We become concerned when our child coughs or requires our attention, but it becomes even more frightening when they encounter an emergency and require our support. Unfortunately, to add to the challenge, we receive a client call at that very moment. It's really difficult to manage both situations simultaneously

In moments of pain, when our meeting stretches longer, our little son yearns for our presence. He approaches us with an Innocent Charm and plead: 'Mommy, Can I Sit Silently on Your Lap, Please. I won't disturb you, Mom. I'll stay quiet.'

As our meeting drags on, we find ourselves multitasking, soothing our little one to sleep with one hand while working with the other. The guilt lingers as we struggle to switch off the glow of the laptop.

While tirelessly attending to our own tasks without rest, we manage to feed them, put them to sleep, and help them with their homework.

Yes, We have a cook to prepare our meals, offering some domestic support amidst the chaos of our lives. But sadly, the food arrives lukewarm, lacking the comforting warmth we crave. There is no time to appreciate the flavors or savor the delights of the cuisine. The empty chair at the dining table symbolizes our longing, a reminder of the countless moments we've sacrificed in pursuit of balance.

We have friends,—or at least we think we do.We have numerous connections within our social circles. But when we reach out, seeking solace, the response is an echo of disappointment. A default message that haunts our inbox: "Can't talk now, call you later." Their lives continue to unfold, while we are left to navigate our own responsibilities, seeking solace in the solitary corners of our weary hearts.

Unfortunately, our parents don't support us because they dislike the city lifestyle we lead. We have no one to turn to for gentle guidance or comforting presence when the weight of it all becomes too much. Instead, we navigate the world of power and boardrooms, torn between our professional lives and the innocent eyes of our little ones.

Amidst the tears and struggles of a working mom, there's an unbreakable spirit that prevails. With determination and love, she finds a way to balance it all, nurturing her child's happiness while pursuing her dreams. Her resilience shines, and her family thrives with joy.

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