Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Power of Being you...

During my Teenage,
  • When I applied oil to my head, I was tagged “old-fashioned”
  • When I said not to tease my juniors, I was tagged “a person who doesn’t know to enjoy college life”
  • When I went library instead of movie, I was called dramatic queen.
  • When I asked doubts to the staffs, I heard comments that “I am putting soap to staffs.”
  • When I completed assignment’s well ahead of others, I was called, “Scene party”
  • When I did not spend money on un-necessary things, People said I am Kanjus.(miser)
Finally at the end of my college days, It was only me in my class got placed in a Multi-national company.

During my Adult,

  • When I voiced out my ambition, people said I am a day dreamer.
  • When I avoided people who back- stabbed me, People said I am dis-respecting them. 
  • When I suggested people not to use Plastics or not throw waste on roads, people said I am abnormal. 
  • When I stood for justice, (ie when I voiced out when a girl/child is abused), people said I am bothersome or over-reacting. 
  • When I gave the real justification for my mistakes, in other words, when I did not please them with a lie, people said I am an attitude person. 
  • When I did not encourage people who disparage, they said I never adjust. 

I agree, people who are jealous, back-stab and adjust (I mean who fit into that people's mindset of hurting, criticizing, discouraging others) have thousands of people around them.
The Power of you..
Of course, I have fewer friends and they can be counted.  But they are extremely valuable and they just do anything for me. After all, Diamonds can be bought in less number whereas sand or mud will be available enormous.

I also learned that people who are so stereotype in their views will keep on hurting you. Each person is unique and they have their set of customs. Its their life, their thoughts. Its your life and your thoughts. You can't match all the people's criteria. If you don’t match their criteria of religious, educational systems or believes, don't change for them. People who are broad minded enough will accept as you are. They will always fit into your puzzle and will never think bad of you.

Being different is beautiful and accepting difference is even more beautiful. If you are one among the person who always criticize good or different things, pleaseee its time to think and change. ... 


  1. Cool sis..your words are really awesome. It just boozing one's confidence

  2. when a lion grew up in goats herd and while all goats sounds baeee and lion roars all goats will look the lion differently only but the lion will be in its nature and if it tried to sound baee it ll not be nice think deepika grown up as lioness among the goat herds ... :P

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  4. Hi! People should live their life according to their principles and not with the fear of being ridiculed. Nowadays, most students at schools and colleges are drifting away from their simplicity due to the influence of peer pressure.