Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Sweet Mom.

Mothers love are the one which is always true and comes till the end. She is a person who stands with us during the tough times. She laughs when I smile. She gets mood out when I cry. I can always feel confident that when the whole world leaves me, still I have one person left behind and that would be by mom. She taught me confidence and positive memories.
I still remember one incident in my life which I remember till date and which changed my life and my family life for ever. It came with lot of sacrifice, commitment and hard-work.
My mother was a games teacher and she had done B.PEd. She was a very good teacher and has made schools to win many medals and competition. But being just a graduate, her package was just limited. One day her school principal called her and gave her an offer to do higher studies at Alagappa University. It was an excellent offer, because doing higher education would promote her to higher level in schools and it would be very much helpful in her career. But those days, I was very little just 4 years old and was going to school and my sister was at her 5th standard. My mother firmly rejected that offer considering both our position. Those days there was not so good telephone connection and bus facilities. Still my dad encouraged to do higher studies and she traveled so far leaving us behind. Before going, she did everything that was needed for those 2 years. The plan was to visit home every six months and hence done all the necessary possible arrangements that can be done. She left my home and joined hostel. So, talking with mom every day would not be feasible. But letter helped us a lot. Every week, she used to post us letter and those letter will contain lots and lots of her love. It was like a guide that kept me motivated.

Addressing my name in the letter would make me so happy. Being a Child, I know only to read alphabets. My dad used to show the letter and explain me what is was about.
The letter had advise that my sister at her age has to follow. Her inspiration and her decision kept her and my family members moving forward. After her education, she was promoted further.  

Today is Mothers day and I wished her with a gift. I took out all the letters that was preserved as much as a diamond and gave it to her. It brought us back all the memories and we have a lovely time together. Her decision at those age inspires to take any bold step now.

There is one thing I Still remember. That is, she has not changed yet. She is still the mom, that I saw in my child hood. But her roles has been changed. She was a Friend, strict teacher, care taker, independent person and now a dependent child. Mom, I am sure I will take care of you


  1. :) Lovely. . Happy mothers day for all mothers in this world.

  2. Mothers are greater than the gods when we say our sorrows and sufferings to our mom she would not be just stable like the God's statue rather she will do more enough to solve our sufferings. Mom a living being more powerful than anything in this world. அன்னையர் தின நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்...