Monday, August 10, 2015

Bucket List: 30 Things to Do Before I Turn 30

On this birthday, I have come up with 30 items that I wish to achieve before I turn 30. I will continuously update this post (strike out), as I complete the list.
Personally, I felt so happy, inspiring and began to love my life when I completed this Bucket List.

Don’t just read my bucket list though – Create your own too and get inspired.
  1. Complete Chadar Trek 
  2. Go on an International vacation with my Family (Achieved: Malaysia, Singapore)
  3. Throw a dinner party for my friends and Family - (home Self-made meal)
  4. Learn to play musical instrument
  5. Offer my mom and dad a head massage.
  6. Reduce Weight to 52 KG/Achieve my ideal weight
  7. Sleep under the starts with my Entire family (Achieved)
  8. Spend whole day reading a novel  - No Network, No TV
  9. Grow Organic Garden
  10. Go bungee jumping 
  11. Join a New Club (Achieved)
  12. Finish 100 Books
  13. Perfect in One Yoga pose (Not Shavasana Pose :P ) : Update - Decided to be an expert in Padangusthasana 
  14. Make one New wise trustable Friend 
  15. Go to bed before midnight… and become a morning person - 6 am
  16. Spend in an Ashram for a month or at a new place
  17. Visit my old School CJMS
  18. Take up dancing
  19. Back pack across Kumara Parvata or Kudremukh
  20. Take part in a triathlon
  21. Give a heartfelt surprise to someone(Achieved To My Hubby and My Bestie Abitha)
  22. Do public speaking in front of 100 people (Achieved : Gave a Speech in front of 1000 people of various age group from  6 to 80 at Vethathiri Maharishi
  23. Get a Party make-up(Achieved)
  24. Take a Big Family portrait. 
  25. Meet someone whom I can only dream of meeting 
  26. Go on a cruise
  27. Have my dream room (Achieved)
  28. Fly a Kite with friends.(Achieved)
  29. Swim a big distance
  30. Go on a cycling trip with friends
To the above list, there were few more items in my bucket list that I have created before few years. I am happy that I have achieved the below. 
  1. Plant a tree
  2. Dance in Rain
  3. Participate in Neeya Naana
  4. Donate blood
  5. Sleep on the beach 
  6. Go on a Road Ride
  7. Experience a sunrise/sunset


  1. I want to add one the list Deepika,

    Make Annual medical health check up mandatory for me and my family members,

    1. Oh that's a good one Gowardhan... Though I had not made medical checkup mandatory, I have taken up MCH few times.
      These bucket list, are the ones, that I never tired in my life :) and wish to do it before turning 30.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and dropping the comment.

  2. Hope the below one is completed :
    Meet someone whom I can only dream of meeting..

    heheheh.. All the best !