Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Sound of Heart beat - chapter 3

Meghna woke up to the aroma smell of a freshly-brewed coffee and the scorching sun rays that fall on her face peeing through her bed room window. She realized that her laptop was still on with Facebook opened in the browser. She had slept off in the study table itself. 

Friend’s sometimes (or most of the times?) offers the worst idea in the world. Shiva suggested her to search Karthik in Facebook adding a bullshit point that even a newborn baby whose name has not decided yet has a Facebook page and twitter account. Though we scream that technology has dumped face-to-face interactions, it’s also true that with these technologies one can find and get information about any person under the sun. This idea cost her entire night. Karthik is not a rare name to be found easily on the Facebook. The moment she typed Karthik in Facebook search and hit enter, it listed 10 karthik profiles that was associated with her friends list itself. Out of 2 Tamil movies, one movie will definitely have the hero name as Karthik.
“Is Karthik such a common name?” She bit her nail and continued browsing the profiles.
“Karthik or Karthick? How does he write his name?” She has to browse thousands of profiles only to realize that few people even spell it as Kartik.
Karthik, Karthick, Kartik..
Is she going to find him in Facebook without knowing the proper spelling of his name or the Surname and not even one common friend.? We all know, it’s highly impossible, but people in love are driven in those fantasy worlds which according to them are "If you really love a person, universe will help in conquering.” Their mind just revolves around with such high positivity. Even if someone says, Karthik must have called off the marriage as he would be in some relationship, her mind would say, a big NO!!!. When they are in love, they believe that their body survives due to loveabolism and not because of metabolism.
     To some extent, it’s true as well. Since after the call-off incident, Meghna was unable to concentrate on anything. She had a long hot soak. The prospect of finding Karthik in a social setting filled her with a sense of tremor of excitement and kicked off her metabolism. But the entire night search did not help her in finding him out. She felt void and null. Meanwhile, Meghna's mom entered her room with coffee and Meghna closed the laptop with a slight disappointed.
"What a surprise!? Did you take any oath that you will follow good habits or was it my dream?" Her mother got excited as soon as she observed the bed sheets neatly folded in her room.
"Ma, I just slept off in the table itself" Meghna replied and want to brush her teeth.
"Hmm..I know, how I could expect good habits from you... Anyway don’t forget to return early from office today. We have to attend Narmadha aunt daughter marriage." Her mom reminded her again.
"Okay Mom. You told me enough times" she brushed her teeth with dismay. All of a sudden her face lighted up with a bright idea.
She rushed towards her laptop with white foam bubbles around in her mouth and opened the Facebook to search "Divya Bharathi"  
It’s in the wedding of Divya Bharathi, Karthik's mother saw Meghna. She gave her a friend request and started scrutinizing Divya Bharathi’s friends list.

"Found my man. :) " she messaged Shiva in What’s app.
It’s not Karthik. It’s Karthick. That’s how he writes his name :)
uff...okay did you message him?
No..I did even send him friend request
He may think, I purposefully searched for his profile 
So, What’s ur plan then?
Planning to Join Stepz dance institute.
gonna impress him with a dance?
Ufff. Bad joke. .From one of his photos I observed that he is going to that Stepz dance institute. Actually, he works at Amazon. definitely, I can’t clear Amazon recruitment process :P and get into Amazon. But dance class, I think I can. 
Oh..I, u are gonna make a scene that, you are naturally meeting him at the dance class.
of course yes!
Handle it carefully. One wrong move and it can slip, slicing the relationship. 
Shiva gave another warning before they end up the chat.

The rules of a relationship are simple.
If you like them…let them know...
If they say no… let them go...
People think the former is easy and the later is tough. But the truth is later might be easy but the most difficult part is letting the person you love them. Will Meghan succeed?


  1. Mellina ba Meghna nu name change panninadha gazette la varala pola... :P. Enna da mellina va kaanoam nu paatha mellina meghna va maaritta.

    1. Ha ha Ha.. that was a test to my readers :P i wanna find, whether they are able to trace out, if i change the character name ... :)
      Reason 2, serials la, they change na, from today, she has been replaced with so and so nu..namma story kum .. oru build up dhan.. :P

    2. Ohhhhhhhh. Serial la aala tha change pannuvanga nee name ah change pannur. ... apdiye karthick ah change pannitu Shiva nu maathidu :P

    3. adhuku.. i will shut down my story :P

    4. Andha maathiri mudivukku la vandhudadha ma. Apparam un kodana kodi rasigargal paadhikka paduvanga :P

  2. Will meghan succeed illa meghna ....

  3. Shiva always give good warnings to her friend Shiva great :P

    1. teriyama.. i used ur name in my story..wait and watch, will kill that character :P
      btw... like Karthik/Karthick, there are many ppl with the name Shiva/Siva ;)

    2. Acchacho naama edhukum careful ah irukanum. Illa indha ponnu dummy character ku padhila real character ah poattu thallinaalum thallidum. Keep your mouth silent Shiva silent....

  4. Shiva always gives good advise and warnings to his friend....Shiva great :P