Monday, August 24, 2015

Dedication for my sibling..

"Who is your best Friend?" My friends asked me curiously.
“Arjun” I answered and blushed.
"Who is your worst enemy?" She asked instantly.
“Well, again it’s Arjun” I said with a forced laugh and a natural blush.
"Who do you like the most?" She asked scornfully, glancing from head to toe.
“Of course, it’s Arjun.” I stated in an obvious tone.
“Whom do you hate the most?” She asked forcing anger into every tone.
“Well, again it’s Arjun”.
“Arjun!!! Who is that?" She asked, raising her eyebrow with a furious glare.
When smile and silence was the answer she left the place cursing me.
August 29 - Raksha Bandhan is round the corner.
What’s would be the most innovative gift I could give for my brother Arjun?
 Though he doesn’t expect those gifts from me, what could I give for the man who was my best pal from my child hood? A precious photo frame of us?
 All ladies having a brother would know and felt the relationship of Tom and Jerry. They fight like hell, pull down each other’s leg, damage each other’s property as well as physically, play worst pranks and goofs, yet they can’t live without each other. Arjun, though we had lot of rivalry in scoring the marks, hacking good name from parents he is always my best buddy.
Be it the Bollywood movie "Hare Rama Hare Krishna or Josh" or the kollywood movie Thirupaachi, I always admire the movies that depicts the affectionate bonding between a brother and a sister. I could easily relate the roles and incidents to my brother.

My brother Arjun is a mother when it comes to caring, an offensive teacher when I do a mistake, a possessive child when it comes to my parents. He loves and respects me a lot. He never let me down in front of others. He taught me how to dress and what not to dress. During my collage days, he protected me from all ragging and boys. He went for fight when needed. When my parents firmly decided to marry me at the age of 21, my brother Arjun stood up and motivated me to follow my dreams.

Arjun, Though you crashed my Barbie doll with your remote control toys, I still love you..
Though you blacklisted most of the boys in my life, tagging them “he is not a good boy”, I still love you..
Though you white-listed my pretty cute girlfriends in your heart, I still love you…
Today, I gained a sense of respect on all the men out there only because of you..
I still preserve the mobile phone that you bought me with your first salary, because I love you....

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